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Jun. 6th, 2008 @ 10:23 pm For Want of a Manhole Cover...
I lost my horse long ago relax.

Chance favors the prepared mind...

Especially if they have a mini mine with vids in mind...

I'm keepin my fingers crossed but went in search of a manhole cover that says DeFuniak Springs on it I know the county or city must have a pile of old ones never to be reused somewhere maybe even just one in the back of some building filled with stuff and as always I have my DIY press kit but not my camera cause casual works plus the camera and vid recorder are both pretty much hosed they served me well I might have to do the next one of the nifty instant full open full closed self operating valve almost finished just needs balanced and a threaded stop to make it easily tweaked according to varying pressure and whether it will sit level or on an slope etc as a bonus I added some fins to broadcast it over a wide area which lets the solids settle fast and prevent ruts from being dig in the yard.

My thought is I can run pipe to the back yard and just duct tape them together to keep everything modular and moved the end from time to time I need another 20 foot section of semi rigid 3 inch pipe but if I an spread the sand out in a ten foot circle it will settle fast enough I won't need to constantly be moving sand fence as I raid the level of the back yard.

The clay stays suspended a long time so I can swap out to a 2 inch line and either dig a pit to collect the clay let it settle out and cover with a few feet of sand or I can inject it into the top layer of sand around the perimeter of the walls of the big bunker if I ever get that far. It would be fairly good at sealing water away from the walls if I concentrated most of it in my most uphill direction and shot it into the top layer of sand below my driveway and the perimeter of the house. After the walls were poured I'd still go back and grout behind them with Portland cement but I bet the watered down clay would work pretty well and make an under ground mound around the house to steer the water down the lot lines underground on it's way to the lake. The clay separates from the sand so I can keep alternating between collecting sand for the yard and clay for sealing things up and the form I cut with the water jet worked pretty near perfectly from what I can tell. I need about a yard more of concrete and some angle iron to make a proper arch under the footer and I have a steel fire door that weighs about a hundred pounds that I want to mount in a steel frame embedded in the arch and I'll knock a hole through the garage floor in front of where my tool box stands so I could never get trapped down there if a mini landslide piled itself in front of the door.

That's where the man hole cover comes in. I also need this hole to pump concrete in to after I build a form under the slab and have a second grate I can use if worse comes to worse but product placement...

I Dreamed of this 25 Years Ago


PR for Dummies.

The gadget I made works so well I painted it and have a few more minor tweaks but if I can fix one of my cameras I'll show it in action.

Archimedes might scoff at it but I think it's nifty.

A Plan
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Date:June 10th, 2008 04:59 pm (UTC)

i'm not archimedes

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definitely not scoffing... i'm already to the fruit trees.. what is gonna get planted???? :)
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Date:June 10th, 2008 11:25 pm (UTC)

I just plant ideas...

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The manhole cover is for the Top Secret Bunker Project...

I need to blast a hole through the concrete behind the Jaguar...