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Not Dead Yet.
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Jun. 1st, 2008 @ 01:33 pm Reminiscing
The Good Old Daze when Everything was In Plane Sight...

Cryptics from Then

The WaterMark Slide Park World Records

er One Last ONE AMarkONE! for the Records and the Picture which get's there first the Thought or The Idear Rosie Future Messages as Far as the Math Lessons go Explain why at the WaterPark when You to the TOP! smirkDIDnotMoonsBOOTSsayITsmirk The Rush! So Sudden and Bomm boom boom Fast then Smooth and Slow to Calm and if INDeads GOOD! you get off to a REAL fast Solid Booster START Not Only Faster to the End but Safer and the Mathmeatical Tie In Evolved YES! and Know! it was I Drew the Picture backTOwards There Long Long Long SoLong!!!&Thanks!!! BE for the Materials Used Where Even a Thought. Emper'sWear?

ONELT No Numbers on the diceMultiple Counters LOL! Sounds Like and Point at the Good too!!!can't2MuchYOUcanDOmuch it's Not a Bad Thing there is So Much to See and the Obvious wow never thought till now the LINK! it's there in Plane view the Entire Time.

Yellow er Yell IT SEVEN times hip hip Good Job Much Congratulations and Nice Color!

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