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Apr. 22nd, 2008 @ 10:22 pm Pumpin
I cheated and dropped a sandwich bag with a few cups of sand in it, sealed the lift pipe on the Sand Power Sucking Device, got it primed and cleared a lot of the remaining sand out of the pit. It ran about an hour and so did the camera and it kept priming as it should with just about a foot or a foot and a half of water.

I'm gonna reassemble the vavle and try to clear the last of the sand out of the pit than I should have enough scenes to edit a working vid and
is hopefully sending me flight of the Bumble Bee to edit in when it finally works lol.

I think once I come up with a second pump to supply about 70 gallons a minute right from the lake it should biome pretty effective at moving sand by the yard, into the yard and I pumped the last remnants of water from the pit with the sump pup so I could get in there and take apart the check valve.

I have a length of pipe hanging down about 18 inches from the check valve to keep it lines up when it seats and apparently the rattling was enough to knock it loose so when the valve itself settles it tends to land at an angle and not get a seal which is important.

Tomorrow I am gonna add a short nipple to the bottom of the check valve and get about a foot long smaller diameter pipe that will fit inside and drill a hole between the two and pin it with a cotter pin instead of relying on threads that can vibrate loose. I need to separate the two pieces to install it because I have to navigate a bend to get it inside the lift pipe but I can slip a foot of steel pipe in then the valve itself if I can connect them after they are inside the lift pipe.

The rubber I used for the actual seals seems to have held up very well and the check valve also looked good so hopefully this is a simple fix but I'm adding a slip joint so I can separate the water supply line and unscrew the 4 inch cap to get to the valve without needing to redo the plumbing every time.

Tomorrow I'll put it back together and try to get the last of the sand out but at least I got close to an hour of vid with it pumping, loosing it's prime then repriming and sucking again with only a foot of water which is well below the level of the layer of clay. Once I get that working I can pour a proper floor, smooth and sloping to the drain, and scrounge about the salvage yard for a piece of grating big enough to let me have a walkway across the pit, pump grouting behind the walls to seal up between the concrete and seam of clay and see if I can keep the pit dry despite now being 2 feet lower than the level the water rises up the observation wells and then I'm gonna have to get back to doing odds and ends to finish the house.

The wife thinks I'm nuts for doing this LOL so I need to get caught up on my chores before I do anymore playing...


Primed to the Brim

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