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Not Dead Yet.
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Apr. 16th, 2008 @ 12:40 am Deadlines!
I can feel the stress as midnight passes across the State's and it's 12:41 I missed my deadline by 41 minutes I failed oh no.

Good thing I wasn't trying to do my taxes, I was trying to get a video finished and uploaded to utube before midnight just because...

It's Video Thirteen.

Nothing went right.

I spent days, ask the wife.

It worked then it didn't then it did and then and then and then finally I got an hour of footage everything looked great.

The perfect wrap up.

I went to turn off the camera.

It stayed on.

I pondered my soldering and wonder if I fubared something.

Then I noticed how hot it was and that it was inches from my floodlights.

Nothing worked I pulled the batteries but I had done this before the video had been saved.

Not this time the disquette got corrupted and thought I was running at 512 Kbytes but I figured it was still 2 gigs.

I filmed and filmed.

Nothing was saved.

I salvaged some vid and then discovered I had it in macro mode so it was all blurry.

And then it hit me.

This is Video Thirteen and I cannot get around it.

Shiny Alunimum
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