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Apr. 14th, 2008 @ 04:15 am Sleepness Night
I worked my but off all weekend so should be fast asleep but I not having much luck at it.

I got an email from http://www.mysafefloridahome.com saying I was one of 3% to get a chance for a free second inspection which is usually like $250 I believe.

The only thing I lacked on the first one was window protection which I think would give me like 21 more points and they wanted 2 by 4's nailed every four feet against the base of the Gables which cost me a couple points how many I am not sure but figured I'd try and find out if I had time and the website has no apparent way of logging into your account for one to be sure they had a way to call me since the letter said specifically not to contact the previous inspector, since this I believe is a QC thing where they go back and have a second inspector reinspect it and compare scores but anyways I didn't even see a way to respond to the email but I figured I find a way Monday by calling their 800 number.

I think they should document the steps people could take before they get an inspection to get a higher score in the first place since it gives you a break on your homeowners insurance but most people don't want to spend the money for the second inspection since that's about all you save anyways.

They will however match dollar for dollar for some improvements up to $5000 for some stuff, if I had the money I'd get the window shutters but I should be able to throw some boards up in the attic pretty quickly and try and get some more of the inside trim done but also I figured I might lure them into looking at the Top Secret Tornado Bunker so I got the plumbing redone tested it pumped a bunch of sand out and then this being the 13th video I cooked the camera with the lights and it didn't save the vid lol.

It still works fine it just froze up and I'll redo it tomorrow after moving the lights. It primed with just a foot of water and I got quite a bit of the sand out that had fallen in during my testing so that is well within the level of clay. I can finish up the basin walls and pour a smooth floor then grout behind the walls to fill any voids between the concrete and the clay. Portland cement watered down will find all the lowspots and I should be able to run it in with gravity and I figure if I do it about five times eventual it will get a nice water tight seal for the long run plus I'm interested in how far it penetrates into the layer of sand.

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