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Mar. 16th, 2008 @ 07:48 pm Can You Think Outside a Tesseract?
Could you think your way out of One?

Dang 4th dimensional boxes...

I think it would be hard to tell from inside where they begin and end and even harder to know which way you'd fall if you managed to climb out but I imagine the shortest way would be some sort of corkscrew back inside so essentially you could step out and be in the same spot.

And possibly not even be aware how far you moved.

It should be fairly safe to run inside a Tesseract providing you mind the pools unlike that problem with triangles when you visit

You can hit a wall but you're not likely to poke your eye out.

It could cause a headache but so would sitting motionless just trying to see the edges and all the things in the peripheral.

Big brother in 4D reality without really being sure which side of the glass you are looking from but you can still hear the gentle voices inside
A Crooked House...

"The reason is obvious. Dimension implies direction, implies measurement, implies the more and the less..." Edwin A. Abbott
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