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Mar. 12th, 2008 @ 10:59 pm This is so Accurate...
It's a long vid but she speaks so elequently after her own trip to La La Land and to a T.

When I woke up the only number I could really remember was the 800 number to the help line for the ISP I worked for and called them at the call center down in the Philipines on the same line you call and wait for help when your email is broke or your printer doesn't print...

Being the only person that worked in my office paid off and in spite of not speaking very well they knew me in a moment and transfered me to Tampa and I talked to Sam who called my parents who called my brothers and sisters and the stepkids and it seems like a few hours later I was on the phone with my dad explaining to him about how the brain rewires itself and I am just fine don't worry as my right sided thoughts took over...

It's not overly technical...

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