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Not Dead Yet.
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Mar. 10th, 2008 @ 08:05 pm Nothing Like a Deadline...
I must have gotten something or just everything caught up on me but I seem to have slept most of the last three days away...

My dad's gonna stop by for a visit I think about a week from now and being that he was here a year or so ago and I still haven't gotten myself very motivated to finish all the odds and ends so decided this morning I better get moving on wrapping things up and doing some trim and stuff I do recall sometime probably a while ago I did actually finished putting the handles on the kitchen cabinets I figured I may as well move up to door Knobs and the first one I chose was the room the dad will stay in and I'd been telling the wife for a time now I get all the boxes and stuff out of there which meant I had to make a couple trips downstairs which reminded me with all this rain the water level in the ten inch drain line about eight inches above the temp floor and the gravel I had filled it with had dropped down about four feet as it settled down to the bottom and was making me think I'd drop something down it so I cut it flush to the floor dumped in 6 more buckets of gravel then sealed the top of it with a sack of Quick Drying Cement, rethought my drain system and decided I could do without 2 feet of head room since I had more or less already decided a tall ceiling would go along way to staving off claustrophobia for those so inclined and then thought It would be handy to be able to have a three inch dry sump since I could just pump water from it into the pit and suck out sand with a second pump and pipe it out to the back yard to save all those trips back and forth with a Bobcat and I need to raise the height of the drain anyways and then the next think I know I am mixing sand and gravel and cement about 6 inches thick under a few inches of water then waited a bit for it to settle and put in another foot or so since I want the pressure on top of the concrete to be greater than the pressure pushing up the pipes and force the fine cement down to get a good seal as it dried over night.

I had the sense to sink a bucket in the back corner weighted with gravel so I have a low spot to put a sump pump and tomorrow I can suck the water out and pour a few more inches of concrete so I can get a good finish on the floor and slope it to the sump hole.

I left the drains high so I could keep an eye on how far up the pipes the water rose if this rains continues and I ever do the big bunker I'll make sure the floors are above that level so the place could never get flooded like some underground swimming pool if I broke a pipe...

I should still be able to have 12 foot ceilings even if the water rises another foot but it seems pretty content where it is and hadn't ever gotten higher during the weeklong rains.

I never got the door knob on.

I'm very very sore.

Dropping Water Level

Positive Preasure

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Date:April 5th, 2008 09:16 pm (UTC)

thank you

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thats it, brother