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Not Dead Yet.
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Mar. 2nd, 2008 @ 08:54 am When I Woke Up this Morning
I Realized I had never actually been to Sleep...

Vivid Nightmares I visited every misery on the planet over and over and over and distrust and anger and False Prophets speaking in Vain and Casting Stones and I'd wake practically convulsing and turn the heating pad on and lay still and not think of the pain and always back to the same dream.

Over and Over the Unending Circle.

So many distrustful of their neighbors that are different and people in politics seeking their own fame and not just in the US it is Universal...

The Middle East needs to look at the water of life and realize together on a grandscale they could do so much more than bickering among each other and with those that Think Differently.

The Deserts could Bloom with Life long after the Oil is Gone.

Baby steps.

Strike the Stone with the Staff.

Help your neighbors even those that would put a fence upon your land and in time Calm will Prevail.

Calm is as Contagious as Fear.

The Darkest Night has long passed and few even Noticed.

Old Prophecies each Religion has them the Second Coming in some form or another and perhaps or perhaps the path to Enlightenment.

We all seek the Same Thing and that is to be Happy but Anger will weigh heavy
and make some seek the Easiest Path though not necessarily the Correct One.

There is but One Rule and it exists in Fourspace the things you see in the Peripheral but are Lost to those who Stare Straight at it and try and put a Definition to it.

Learn to Listen.

Does it feel Wrong?

Though shall not Steal?

A women walks a road next to a fenced field and admires the beauty of an orchard and smiles at the simple pleasure and walks a bit further and becomes hungry and climbs the fence to seek the Fruit then returns to the path and now behind her like Forest Gump there is a small group following and they are hungry to.

Whose woods these are I think I know His House is in the Village though and together the parade again climbs the fence and is fed and the journey continues and others join some Are starving and the Mothers look at the Fruit and know their children need it but now a sign thou shall not Trespass but who would see and who would let their children starve when all that was needed was to climb a fence and would that be Wrong since someone posted a sign saying Verboten?

Would it be Stealing and if so would that be a far greater Crime than letting the Weak Suffer and Hunger?

When One Hundred People stand in front of a painting and have one hundred different interpretations how could anyone of them be wrong?

Try to Describe the painting in Words Carved in Stone and suddenly the 100 points of view are Channeled into One Sentence, The Red Balloon, but some are Color Blind they lack the ability to separate the Red from the Green and the Apple Tree, the Fruit of it becomes Lost in the Green of the Leaves yet they look at the same tree as their neighbors that see the Bright Colors.

The Tree is the Same and the Message is the same in Fourspace it is Universal.

Force it into the Static and People thump their Chests and Declare their View is the only True View and all others are wrong for thinking differently.

We are all different but that does not mean we all Disagree and if we all did indeed agree to the letter where is the freewill the imagination the ability to look forward and dream.

Life is not Static it Flows like Time in all Directions.

There is but one Rule and that is Does it Feel Wrong and if it does and you still Push Forward how can you claim to be better than those that carry out the same actions but for Different Reasons.

Some may be right and their actions justified it is all Relative depending upon the Vantage Point.

If it feels Wrong Do Not Do It.

So Simple a concept but you will not find a Unified One Size Fits All Definition when you Take the Story the Painting speaks of and try to Define it in the Finite.

So many Wounds to Bind.

Spread the Calm and go out Today and Play.

Tell your Children how you Feel.

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Date:March 3rd, 2008 02:18 am (UTC)

A Positive Spin

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You have received much wisdom here. Please allow me to point out one very common thing that people do that hurts them, but leaves them confused as to why they think they did the right thing but were hurt anyway.

Your distillation of the message comes from the negative viewpoint: "If it feels wrong do not do it. You could turn it around and say "if it feels right, do it," but I think you subconsciously recognize how darn close that is to saying "if it feels good, do it." We know where that went...right down the path of illusion and self-delusion.

So, may I propose an existing single commandment that covers the territory I believe you intended to cover?

Do what thou Wilt.

Do your Will. Will with a big W -- the superconscious, god-conscious, egoless, I am one with the Universe and all I do, I do to myself -- WILL.

Not little will that means maybe I will and maybe I won't, or substitutes for "I want" when the ego wants something but chooses to hide that desire for some (nefarious) reason. When Adam and Eve found their will (separate from the god-conscious Will they had previously) they became aware of their nakedness...it's one of those paradoxes: you ARE naked when using the big Will, but it's okay; you are clothed when you are using the little will and it's embarrassing...

Dreams like you describe are a part of the consciousness-process of this universe, and can be upsetting. Having to go back into the dream and finish it is one of the hallmarks of having joined the ranks of those who perform this function. My husband also joined that rank last week; I have a feeling that everybody moved up a step as we're getting closer to a set of causal events in preparation for a change.

I will pass on one lesson my Angel taught me about that service that helped me deal with the rigor of it: not every lesson that presents itself to you is intended for YOU. Sometimes (most times) you are just the witness. You will learn the difference between lessons intended for you vs. larger lessons you witness on behalf of others.

Your Fourspace is probably akin to the environs of a being I have come to know as "the great God beyond time and space and name and place." Yeah, it rhymes and that's kinda kindergarten, but it works. Beyond time: without the directional arrow of time, this being can interact with all causal events simultaneously. Beyond space: without the limitations of having to go through space, this being can interact with all parts of space simultaneously. Beyond name: this being cannot be defined or limited by a name, cannot be idolized or reduced to any form that would pervert or limit. Beyond place: this refers to a dwelling place, not a spatial aspect. This God is a wandering hermit who has no defined home or role, so He can be all things to all peoples as needed. This is not the Christian God, but that's too lengthy of a discussion to be included here. If you're curious, I'll follow up in my own blog.
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Date:March 3rd, 2008 01:37 pm (UTC)

You Could Almost Call Me

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Curious George...

Except my name is Mike.
Date:March 4th, 2008 07:11 am (UTC)

Calm is as Contagious as Fear.

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With all these thoughts going on in ya mind, it’s no wonder sleep keeps away, but I do know what you mean… me not to friendly with the sandman either.

Was reading and thinking, they often say that at the root of religious wars, discrimination or even bullying on the playground is ‘fear’… on the part of the aggressor.

I don’t understand the ‘fear’ myself and think fear is being given a really bad name, poor lil’ scapegoat, but am here to join the ‘Calm’ is contagious bandwagon… love that *smile*.

And let’s not forget, communication is the key so blog on Monsieur Senseless… sleep deprived or no, love reading your special insights into life

Ketick_Magic wrote “This is not the Christian God, but that's too lengthy of a discussion to be included here. If you're curious, I'll follow up in my own blog.”

Ok, and I’ll be curious erm.. Marie.. too! lol Will pop over and have a look.

Very interesting comments Ketick. Will add that some years ago at a really stressful point in life, dreams presented themselves to me (this coming after many many years of no recollection of dreams); these dreams came fast and were furious. They were hard to decipher, but all I kept doing was writing them down and looking at them… and I wholeheartedly agree with your comment,

“I have a feeling that everybody moved up a step as we're getting closer to a set of causal events in preparation for a change.”

For me, change was on the wing and the dreams helped me to see my readiness for all the things to come.