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Feb. 14th, 2008 @ 10:19 pm I Actually Fell into the Test Shaft!
Sort of...

I was pulling all the old forms out and have about a foot of sand in places that fell in over the past few months and buried the floor so I can't pull the bottom form out until I dig out the sand.

Being really tired and besides it's more fun this way, I filled the hole with about 9 feet of water and got the trash pump out and was preparing to just vacuum the sand off the concrete bottom of the hole.

You can't just plunk the end into the layer of sand, you need to get it primed with just water and slowly lower the hose down until it hits the bottom so it is pumping a slurry and not just straight sand but once you get it going it works pretty well. The flexible hose is about 20 feet long and pretty heavy especially when it begins to fill with water, and I was standing on a ledge holding the hose and lost all perspective of how deep the hole was since the water was pretty muddy looking and My head was still a few feet away from the top and for some reason I suddenly thought it was only a foot deep and stepped into it to get a better grip of the hose.

There is a big difference between that first foot and the other eight straight to the bottom like I had lead boots on I still have trouble floating but what away to get a good shot of adrenaline to make you work harder...

Plus the water was about 68 degrees and I was wearing long johns under my jeans and a sweat shirt and boot and must have gained 30 pounds as I climbed out while the helper laughed from above.

I need to teach him to use the video camera.

I landed right on my pride and got brush burns down my arms from sliding against the concrete walls but actually it would be pretty funny to see and at least I wasn't wrapped up in a parachute or something.

Once I got some warmer and drier clothes on and tried again it pumped out quite a bit of sand so tomorrow I should just have a few bucket fulls to shovel out and get the lid formed then I'll pour it on Saturday, my birthday a fluke but a good sign to wrap it up on the anniversary of my existence.

If I can get the computer room cleaned up enough to get to the bed on Sunday I'll be ready to hop over to the hospital and get my shoulder fixed Monday morning then take a break.

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Date:February 16th, 2008 06:39 am (UTC)
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Cool video. Did you fill it with water from the pipe you pushed down about 30 feet?
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Date:February 16th, 2008 02:46 pm (UTC)

Plan Ahead

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No My main well has a much bigger pump and gives me about 70 gallons a minute and when I did the plumbing in the house I ran the main trunk line past where I knew I was going to start digging the test shaft.

That was five years ago LOL.

I will get another trash pump if I do the big bunker and send lake water up as fast as my 3 inch trash pump can remover the slurry.

Right now it takes about 5 minute to empty if I fill it with 6 foot of water but takes me 30 minutes to refill it plus it cuts the water supply to the rest of the house off when I open the valve on the trunk all the way.