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Feb. 11th, 2008 @ 08:44 pm The Best Laid Plans....
Sometimes Work!

I had a real reporter from a real newspaper come by the house to cover my turn paper into burnable logs project and to see the Solar water heater but he walked in and I asked if he wanted the full tour.

I knew the answer before he asked it because of something he said when he walked past the foyer and could see the house but I can't remember what it was he said LOL.

He stayed 2 hours shaking his head at things I had done while building the house and as planned when he walked down to the bottom level and saw The Top Secret Bunker spray painted on back wall of the bottom garage it took no effort at all to get him to crawl into the crawlspace and jump down my 2 foot steps so he could get a good look at the shaft from a few feet away and he's taking pictures and listening to my plan to get Discovery Channel's Attention and you dug this out by hand??????

Top Secret!
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I told him I'd pull out the forms and get him some better shots, and got some more concrete this afternoon so I have enough to do the Lid and get him some better shots. It's now solid concrete from the bottom slab to the top and on average ten inches thick and full of rebar and scrap angle iron and safe. Once I get the lid on so no one could stumble into it in the dark I can rest easy that if this works and I can propagate this a bit if my Insurance company suddenly says wtf they would not have any valid reason to threaten to cancel my insurance hope for the best plan for the worst and I'm well under the 400 square feet point that requires a permit here in Walton County.

Reality says I'd need some serious money and engineers and would have a heck of a time getting the project insured for liability if I was to do a real simulated above ground house but I purposely put the shaft in a spot that the concrete is extra thick so I could tunnel 5 feet under the stairs without anything falling on my head. Then I'd get a concrete saw and cut a 10 by 14 foot hole in the bottom garage floor then bust it up with a sledge hammer and dig down until I hit the seam of clay then pour some retaining walls around the perimeter so the sand didn't turn into an hour glass when it dried and start to collapse.

This would be safe and easy compared to trying to excavate under the slab and form concrete walls.

Then I could dig a hole in the clay 8 inches from the temp wall and dig down 7 feet or so plus a bit more around the perimeter, pour a thick slab and put a piece of rebar every 6 inches and long enough for it to stick up in the air almost to the bottom floors ceilings. When it dried the next day I'd run rebar horizontally and run it every six inches until I'm a foot from the garage floor. Inside this I'd build a plywood "Storage Shed" style structure with a barn style roof, bend the rebar at a right angle and tie them to the ones from the opposite side then I'd just need to fill the hole with concrete and float it flush to the original floor.

The bottom slab is cracked and rough in places because it had rained hard the night before and I couldn't completely drain it out so the mix had too much water in it.

That should have been a sign that building a house wasn't gonna be as easy as I thought and was gonna take longer cause I should have been patient and delayed the pour until I had it all dried out.

I think I actually assured the wife I could do it in under a year easy LOL.

Live and Learn.

This reporter was super nice I don't think I stuttered or slurred my words once the entire time Interview and humored me into letting me take his photo so he could be on the other side of the lens.

His name is Sean Boone and I told him I'd post his email if anyone felt the urge to write him...


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Date:March 4th, 2008 07:00 am (UTC)

Live and Learn

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Under a year huh? lol.. Well, no one can accuse you of having stood at the end of the line when ambition was being handed out lol...

So cool that you had that interview. You seem to have a lot of projects that are worth telling others about.