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Feb. 8th, 2008 @ 07:19 pm I'm Kicking Butt and Forgetting Names!
I've been in hyperdrive the last four or five days or so and paying the price Monday a trip to the Dentist and the broken tooth is too broke to fix but he put a pin in it and a few more in since he was in the neighborhood this is the new dentist after I discharged my original one who wanted to pull out my teeth and scolded me for drinking sodas like I was eight instead of forty five slur your words a few times and they never let you forget and I said no I get sick because of the head injury and Oh well then you probably didn't have on a seatbelt...

The New guy is really cutting me some major breaks especially this last break and fixed three others while he was there so I am down to eight that still need fixed but geez I have a head ache all the way to my temple still from Monday.

You always gotta take the bad with the good and I came home that day to an email from a reporter interested in the way the house is built to collect winter sunlight and yet be shaded in the summer and in general be pretty fairly sort of energy efficient despite what my wife says every time we get the power bill... but and anyways I come home with a head ache and wow good news then I think of how I might possibly lure this reporter type into the general vicinity of the Top Secret Bunker Project but wow such a disarray and if I only had a helper.

In a rare moment of pure genius the next morning before coffee I remembered the caregiver that has moved into the guest suite as quietly as a mouse and she is from here and knows some people I'll ask her if she has a friend that could work a day or two and I stumble into the kitchen and there she is there and she has the amazing ability to translate my precoffee mumbling.

She understands and calls someone "just perfect" she said and yes a guy twenty years younger than me needs a job bad could come over right away and I remind her to warn him of my loss of short term memory and I would need to keep asking him over and over what his name was and that half of what he had to do was keep reminding me what the project was if he found me aimlessly walking in circles and the wife is still asleep so I cover for her and she leaves to pick up the helper he has no car but is close and I drink coffee and stick my face in cold water and dang.

This guy is a super hard worker stays busy easy to get along with needs a job a past history is making that difficult I know at times I sound like a broken Record but I am not used to people able to outwork me.

Not even the Energizer Bunny.

Three days he showed up and we put in 8 hours of actual work everyday and sorted through all the debris in the bottom level and made piles of tools and plumbing things and electrical and all the many things it takes to build things and now I have the equivalent of a month of me working on my own done just walking down there and seeing the order from chaos is calming to me and a few emails back and forth to said aforementioned reporter I am tentatively set up for a tour and a talk Monday but it's not written in stone but I've super glued my fingers crossed please excuse the typos.

I am not 25 anymore this guy really worked me into the ground just cause if he was moving I had to keep moving and today I can barely move LOL.

I begged for a couple days off and he said he'd come back Saturday and we're going to put a top on the bunker and finish up the sides and I'll wire up some better lighting and hopefully redo the bunker video into a 2 minute version and I will official declare my candidacy for the next Discovery Channel DIY Reality show.

Don't laugh I'm gonna run a few adds on 99Rocks Streaming Audio and I'm pushing them for a Senseless Thursday...

Dream Big if you're gonna dream and I'm going to go nuts sitting around for a month or more with my arm in a sling.

The real life back up plan is that I handed out a few cards to some old computer customers and said I'd be ready to fix a few after the surgery and already have some work lined up. The computer room is pretty clean and so is the wife's garage and wow yes thanks again to the helper who's name I still cannot remember but things always seem to work out if you keep trying.

Ten more days I can use the right arm.

I can pull this off I just needed a day off.


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