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Jan. 30th, 2008 @ 11:23 pm My Head is Pounding
So nothings new.

Actually I've been super busy and when I fell the other day I broke a tooth apparently and can't get to the Dentist until next Thursday. The tooth itself doesn't hurt too much more than you would expect except that it is like having a piece of glass in your mouth and my tongue has convinced itself that it could wear the edge off like it was a piece of sandpaper.

I actually got a flashlight and thought about my mini die grinder and then thought harder about seeing if I could smooth it up a bit cause my tongue is so cut its swollen but fortunately I seem to be more clear headed in the last month or two thanks to being put on actual meds that I decided that wouldn't be a very good thing to try...

I still haven't ruled out a piece of wet sandpaper rolled into a tight tube the size of a pencil but for now I got some of that stuff that you use to hold dentures in and that is doing wonders as well as chewing on a couple hot peppers to dull the pain.

I have my shoulder surgery scheduled on Feb 18th and if they get a cancellation I told them I'd just quit eating after midnight and if they called me at 7 am before I was normally up and I'd be there in an hour lol. The wife is already getting overly anxious about this and getting upset that the caregiver might not be there at night and and and...

I seem to have two problems with the shoulder but he said with the scopes they have now he will do both at the same time and do his best to send me home the same day so the wife will stay calm and she can just stay at the house. I don't think she could handle more than a few hours of sitting and she can't really help me so I need to find someone to drive me there and back.

The caregiver that works for us full time just by chance needs a place to stay for 3 months for various reasons and so we're letting her use the guest suite and then for a few weeks after my surgery she'll sleep in the extra bed in the master bedroom so she can help the wife when she needs to get up like she seems to do every couple hours lol.

I hate to say it but I am so tired from months of only getting a few hours of sleep in a row that a few days in the hospital would seem like a vacation hahahhaahah!

I've been trying to clean the computer room before I lose the use of my right arm and a few other odds and ends like pouring a concrete lid on the shaft and cleaning out the bottom level. I vaguely remember the computer room was actually a bedroom once before I dumped all my computer stuff and my Pez in here when we moved. Most of the toys I am allowed to play with inside are of the computer or camera varieties plus some types of tinkering just need a cleaner place to tink about in than the workshop.

I know I'll go nuts if I have to wait six weeks without doing anything and I figured I might be able to repair some computers for old customers just to keep busy. I still have people call now and then wanting me to fix their mistakes but I was hesitant that I might not be capable of it or even remembering someone had left something with me until they came back expecting it to be all fixed but I still seem to be able to make them work again although half the time I don't know exactly what it is I did to fix it..

We only had Dial Up here in DeFuniak Springs when I started building the house and even that was new to most folks here in the Panhandle. I got a lot of kidding about having a network closet when I framed the house because it would be "20 years" before High Speed was available.

Undiscouraged I put about 3500 feet of network cabling in and made a second smaller closet inside the regular computer room / bedroom closet just to have a place to run all the wires to plus the phone, cable and TV. That's a big thing to remember if you are ever building you're own house and you're the gadget type. I know wireless is popular cause since it's easy but there are some advantages to hardwiring things especially if you want a small offline network for various reasons plus I have it run to the pool and all the way to the end of the dock.

You never know when you might want to check your email while fishing..

I've got three wireless routers and an access point that has a pretty good range so this will allow me a lot of tweaking of their placement to prevent dead spots since every room in the house has at least one network connection in it and most have three or four so I can arrange desks and furniture without worrying about not being next to a jack. I also ran conduit from boxes in most of the walls either down to the crawlspace or into the attic and a few larger ones from the attic to the closet then to the crawlspace so I could come back and make changes years later without ever having to rip out a wall. The security features and the closed circuit for the cameras covering the front porch and great room are obviously located in a separate undisclosed location. Eventually I'll be able to relocate the modem and all to the bunker then feed the closet from there. If part of the house is damaged and wires get cut inside crushed walls but the cable itself still works, I can jettison the networking from the damaged part of the house and begin my Mayday calling from eh bunker for someone to please come dig me out.

I'm still pondering a satellite set up in a mini bunker with a cover I could remotely open in case we ever got slammed by another Katrina and it was months and months before we got back service but I imagine if the town was that torn up I'd most likely be pretty busy actually doing things besides wasting time on the computer...

Still it gives me something to think about...

Anyways, I had the cable company do a few upgrades so we can try this VoIP and that gave me a reason to clean up the network closet so I could put everything back as it should be and set up a place to work.

Besides I think it just looks nifty.

Whirlpool  Motor Access

I have airlines run to every floor so I can use my air tools without hauling around a noisy compressor.

Network Wiring

Compressed Air

Mostly half done.


File Server
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