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Jan. 24th, 2008 @ 11:59 pm I Fell for Her Hard!
The Wife I mean.

I seldom talk a whole lot about my wife cause the internet is evil and she's a private person and we have an odd marriage and If my quest to get on Discovery Channel and Jay Leno Fails I know I am a shoe in for Jerry Springer...

For the record before I dropped the lawsuit against Lowe's I sat my wife down and talked to her about my reasons and my plan since I could see the potential to be the butt of few jokes having a perhaps unorthodox marriage...

No matter how absurd it was or how convinced I was tht it was a sure fire fool proof plan at the time, I would never have just made such an important decision without discussing it with her and I also had a lady there a good friend of wife's she trusted because part of my idea was to get Town Haul to show up and build the Friendship House for the Pilot Club here in town.

They deal with brain injuries and disorders...

I was worried the wife might offended if the tabloids ever made us there special project.

Remember this was less than a year after crushing my noggin and I was only days or weeks from getting my 15 minutes of fame, but I know I have an unusual marriage in that I am a professional college drop out always looking out the window and she is a licensed Shrink with a PhD and never once got less than an A in grad school while raising three kids single handily and then taught college for 28 years with a practice on the side and and and...

I bet you were expecting something more like that I have two stepkids older than I am...

But yes its true the wife can prove hands down she knows moor than me about a lot of things and that's one of the thing I like best about her.

It's not why I fell for her though...

Fear not I won't get all touchy feely on you all I literally got up at 3 AM last night to help her cause she called out my name and I must have gotten dizzy or not quite been awake but suddenly in the dark the room begin to spin like it does when I am about to get nauseous and boom I am down for the count landing on I dunno what some sort of table piled with mail or something of a similar nature and I crushed it pretty flat and sent everything on it flying in the wife's general direction and if you gonna do something do it right...

I might have knocked over a few more items like some drunk Jerry Lewis skit but I seldom drink and I wasn't that night and now I have another bump on my head but worse I seem to have attempted to catch myself as I fell with my right hand and really seem to have hosed my shoulder all over again and I can't lift it above my head it's back to like it was before I got the nerve block.

All is not lost though.

It still works just hurts more than normal and I'm already scheduled for the pre op visit next Monday so it seems pointless to go and sit in an emergency room if I tore or broke something it can't get much worse between now and then but you get so used to having being able to just reach up ad grab something off a shelf...

It's gonna go down to about 29 here tonight so I got a good fire going with Oak around 4 today and then put a foot tall pile of newspapers on top of the coals. It takes about 14 hours to extract the heat from it and reduce it to a pile of ashes. It burns at too low a temp to trip the blower motor but since the computer room is directly above it the heat flows up the duct work naturally and I can easily keep this room in the 70's even on nights such as this where it's going to freeze.

The ashes are good for putting around your fruit trees by the way if the fruit is tart from the soil Ph being low like it is here in the Panhandle.

I'm toying in my mind about another project where I turn newsprint into a low cost log similar to the one they make from sawdust but something any do it yourselfer could do at home. I'd be curious how big a pile a years worth of a newspaper subscription occupies I bet it's more than would fit in the bed of my truck and if I can find an inexpensive way to use it as a fuel source that seems like it would be a good thing.

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