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Not Dead Yet.
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Jan. 19th, 2008 @ 11:11 am I Still have not Located my Desk...
One of the reasons it takes me so long to actually finish things is that every time I start working on something I think of something else get distracted then think of something else and get distracted and suddenly 30 minutes after I went in search of a screw driver, or a broom, I find myself working on something else.

I can rationalize this as being almost a good thing because when I am really involved in something I generally can get quite a bit done and usually do a good job of it.

It's hard for me to get involved in anything to do with cleaning.

I totally missed out on that part as far as the OCD goes.

I can look round and see the results of my last four days efforts and Yes I made lots of progress but I'd get a failing grade as far as carrying out the original clean out the computer room task I started on however long ago.

I've got a lot of spare parts I realized that as soon as I started looking at everything I piled down here and it is in complete disarray I packed up the computer shop of all my stuff a few days after the accident since just about everything in the office was mine as far as desks and work benches and even the phone...

I owe someone some thanks because I had to have help doing this but I haven't a clue who that was but anyways...

I spent a good day just for the exercise carrying these relics of computer days gone by from the attic and piled them in the workshop. I'll strip out anything worth saving then I suspect I'll have about a truckload of scraps to take to the dump and I haven't even started on the monitors...

I must have 20 most working after watching Lost a few times while thinking of the The Top Secret Tornado Bunker in the Crawlspace Project I was planning on a secured computer room and day dreamed about back up satellite connections shielded from tornadoe force winds and if you're gonna day dream during a monotonous task may as well go all the way I'll have to test each and save the ones working then find another spot to store them besides the wife's section of the attic.

As I sort through this stuff I am making separate areas of the stepkids things as I find them to make things simpler if a bus ever runs over me or something.

All valid tasks plus I spent a few hours reading help files and trying various software in an attempt to make the scraper vid a bit better but I'm still learning.


The brain is an interesting thing.

When things happen to you,
don't give up...


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