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Jan. 14th, 2008 @ 02:26 pm The Making of the Epic Saga, "The Scraper"
OK this is how someone that's ADHD thinks.

The goal has been for sometime now to completely clean out my computer room and so I start and I actually located the floor then had the brilliant idea to temporarily sort out all the computer stuff because I have boxes and boxes of modems and video cards and power supplies in here and the workbench downstairs is pretty cleared off and then I remember all the monitors up in the attic and then that they are actually in the part of the attic reserved for the wife and well I need to put all the Christmas stuff up there so really I should take All the computers down there and somewhere at this point I became distracted by something trying to decide how I ended up in the attic cleaning things out when the goal from a few days early had and has been the original task of cleaning the computer room but and or for some unknown reason I remember making a simple tool to hold a razor a while back and perhaps I found it and it jogged the memory but then I thought well everyone says to cut the vids down to two minutes I bet I could make one in two minutes and besides the top garage really could used cleaned up and mid day it gets some pretty good light I bet I could do a video in ten minutes and I think I need a script so I jots some words down and somehow remembered to return back to the originally project thrice removed and I tape the words up I bet I could make a teleprompter if I tried but and this is very foreign to me.

The actual speaking part.

To people.

So I tried four times then on the fifth I said heck and just figured I'd talk and not stop and forget about the lines and although its 6 minutes long and the tool took 4 minutes to make instead of 2 I felt some satisfaction on nearing the elusive goal of keeping it under 2 minutes.

I know I need to seriously fix the sound but this is my second attempt at a vid and I'm using Windows Movie Maker which lets me alter the volume but doesn't have the bells and whistles needed to filter out certain frequencies.

If anyone can suggest some shareware that might let me do this I think I could redub all the sound and put it back in the vid without being too much out of sync,

Any Ideas Kimba?


Boom from a Scrap


PS: I am still working on finding the desks in the computer room but I'll keep trying...
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