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Jan. 10th, 2008 @ 08:33 pm I While Back I Wacked my Head
As near as I can recall it must have been two or three days ago.

When they did the second surgery on my head to keep me alive, skin is more important than you may think, they had to rearrange everything and fill in the gaps with skin from the back of my leg. It's actually pretty interesting they can essentially use a super sharp cheese grater and take thin slices of skin and lay it over the bad spots and it all grows back together. I keep having to remind the wife it's not gonna just start growing hair since it's on my head instead of my leg by the surgeon really spent some time thinking how to rearrange everything so the hair naturally wants to grow across it when it long enough.

They had to do a flap which means they had to slide part of the scalp over in a fold, and as the skin graft took hold it also shrank and pulled the scalp across the top of my head. I kept putting off the surgery to get the extra skin trimmed off I was supposed to have done it a few months after I left Birmingham but I was so wound up over the house not being insured until we could move in that I just putting it off and putting it off until we got moved in which means its been lose to three years I've put off going back to Birmingham and I am suddenly now that I can think a bit clearer that I probably screwed myself royally with how the insurance is gonna handle this now since I seem to recall the deductible and % they pay is more since it was the result of an accident, but now I'm betting I'll end up having to cover 20% myself which will be a problem and it's possible they might even try and say it was cosmetic but I'm not gonna spend much time worrying about that one unless it actually happens.

When I first had the surgery with the hundreds of staples as it healed spots would itch and I'd reach for the spot and nothing. I had to search around for the right spot sometimes inches from where it seemed to be coming from and a good bit of it is just numb and the graft has no feeling at all so I seem to recall spending hours tactilely remapping my head while in the hospital especially when I was trying to locate a particular staple, they pull as the seam heals and I may have pocketed one of the staple removers early in the hospital stay since they use them once and toss them and only the doctor could remove which means you need to wait, if one was being particularly annoying I'd just take it out myself since I didn't see how they'd notice I had so many.

I am so off track at this point and story I was trying to explain was that since my scalp is a jigsaw puzzle of probably 15 pieces stitched together with skin grafts here and there I have very little feeling at my most northern part and so it's actually common for me to find a new lump or scrape every once in a while but this looks like someone took a piece of lumber to my noggin so to not remember that is kind of bugging me...

I can't recall much of the last two days everything's fuzzier than usual and I my neck is stiff as a board and I've had one of those headaches that gives you tunnel vision so I've been thinking and thinking and not a clue what I did.

I'm thinking now half the headache is from trying to remember LOL.

Thinking has that effect...

But anyways a quick thanks to Eric and Ed on the PR advice and especially for taking the time to do it, and tomorrow I swear I will again attempt to clean out the computer room. I know I haven't just been sitting around but it's apparent I didn't spend much time cleaning the room out.

I had a thought I spoke over with the wife about maybe me trying to do some computer repairs just running a small add in the local paper and hope my old customers remember me kind of thing. It can't be a major business because the house isn't exactly zoned for it but if I fixed a computer or two a week I doubt my neighbors would care much I dunno just a thought but the first thing I need to do is finish cleaning out the room LOL. It doesn't take much to distract me from such a task so I haven't made much headway in there but tomorrows another day...

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