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Jan. 6th, 2008 @ 10:26 pm The Best Laid Plans....
Often actually work and I got so close but mid afternoon I got a call from a tenant a plumbing problem but without even a flinch I said give me an hour and I calmed down and had a cup of coffee and gathered such tools as a plumber might need. I then remembered to actually drive over to the rental house, removed the corroded Trap, drove to Ace in town I need to do some more Advertising for them but got the replacement part but in plastic because this is an older house with cast iron drains here and there and if I ever need to replace the trap again I wanted to be sure I could get it apart without breaking the cast iron drop hooked it up and was under the sink noticing quite proudly I had no drips.

Then I looked up just in time to shut off the water before it over flowed the sink...

I then made a second trip to Ace without increasing my heart rate just a leisurely drive cause it was a nice day got some Draino, remembered to again return to the rental house just as the water finished draining from the bowl and then added one fifth of the bottle as described on the label which I had to get the tenant to read cause my arms are too short.

Without breaking my stride I returned home and got a good 6 hours of moving boxes and boxes of computer stuff out of this room and some more from the attic to a clean section of work bench the lighting is better there so the next step is to separate the boxes of modems and video cards and ram and and and all the other good stuff from the considerable debris mixed in with these things that have been boxed up since just a few days after the accident.

I owe someone big time for helping me. Everything in the office was more or less mine including the desks and workbenches and someone must have made several trips driving me since I did after all have the sense to wait a week or two before I actually drove myself anywhere.

I moved a few boxes of computer stuff from the attic as well because when we put the Christmas Stuff back everything is being labeled and put in the wife's personal space in the attic walled in to prevent vertigo and being that it has been three years since the wreck chance are half the computer stuff is too old to be of any use and I now posses the ability to trash it.

I did find a working Tandy TRS-80 and somewhere have a box of 5 1/4 floppies for it so that one I'll save for posterity.

Antique Puter

I also managed to locate the floor but the unexpected interruption used up a hour and some so I was forced to call off the search due to nightfall.

The floor

Tomorrow I need to get the wife straight to the dentist because she has a cap fall off Friday, it's always on a Friday and she's been pretty stoic about it but I know she hurts quite a bit.

Plans should be Flexible.

Tomorrow is another day.
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