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Not Dead Yet.
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Jan. 4th, 2008 @ 04:25 pm Don't WACO Me!
At least not before ten and after I've had a cup of coffee.

I dunno whether it was my first You Tube attempt or that I modified a mini vid recorder to use a better microphone and actually got it back together and got it to work but I've had two days of traffic from FAA.Gov and DHS.Gov from all the many offices scattered all across States but seriously I give anyone that stops a full tour if they are unlucky enough to show even the slightest interest in something I built.

Just don't bug me in the morning please it takes me longer now to completely wake up and be functional.

I was gonna make an Instructable about how to modify the DXG but now I'm worried if I did they might get banned from carry on luggage and 1984 was soooooooooo long ago.

I always get the hits from Homeland but I always believed it was cause I get a lot of Traffic from Walter Reed and military bases over seas.

I must show up in google if you search head injuries I dunno.

I do know still if you just Google the single word Senseless I always show up in the first handful of hits on page one of the six million, three hundred and twenty thousand pages containing said word which is more of that dumb luck I never question.

I've been thinking of PR in hopes of either convincing Discovery to take me seriously on this Bunker Idea or maybe get approached by a book publisher or Oprah or something who knows but I do know I could write a book on my own I'm stubborn but seriously it would take me so long it would just not MAKE Sense.

When I dropped the lawsuit I was convinced I had a story I could sell and then James Frey shot that market into a million little pieces but still I figured just the fact that I was never sent to rehab or anything most people would find it at least unusual that I managed to finish the house but that day came and went and things seemed to be over but it was OK cause we had Insurance on the house now and were living it in and sure I have loads of odds and ends to still fix but I am so fortunate to have recovered so much and the forgetting thing isn't that bad after all everyone has some things they wish they could forget, mistakes of the past learned from but not necessarily wanted reminded of so, I said to myself I could be happy.


I was Alive and I could feel the difference between being truly aware I am alive and just knowing I'm still breathing.

I'm so Lucky to end up being OCD and have kept records of the past three years cause I forget so Much then out of the Blue the second cousin to the Raven that tap tap taps upon my chamber door said HELLO, I am a published Author and read your words you have a unique style stick with it and a whopper of a tale and proceeded to give me general but actually useful information on how to write a book and how to break it up in pieces and let others critique portions. Look for someone you trust he said but also someone you know will give you an honest answer without fear of criticizing you and wow I showed My wife and suddenly what I had been telling her since I had dropped the lawsuit that yes I would find a way out or perhaps it was just the fortune of the timing of my trip to the ER I can now speak for extended periods of time and stay on track though my first video attempt it rambles on and on I know thanks for all the advice sent in I am going to redo it and get it down to five or six minutes long enough to have someone even only vaguely interested to not just click it off halfway but long enough to get the info out and I love puzzles I think of this and realize I need a PR person and just by chance I need a job so I hired myself as my own fool and proceeded out the door with press kits on cd or at least I think that's what You call it and my thought is if I could convince Discovery Channel into this Bunker Project the whole town would benefit from 8 weeks or so of having them in the panhandle tourism is big in Florida and film crews shop like everyone else and who knows but I tried this in the past when I could not speak and would forget midsentence what it was I meant to say and I met with the board of the Pilot Club here way way back then just after the wreck and they needed a building I tell them about town hall and the power of a letter writing campaign and how they have offices and thousands and thousands of members across the States and think of the free press and this being a small town and me sounding like a rambling fool they ask me what is the Discovery Channel???

I kid you not LOL so then I figure well I'll just call the TV and ask if they want some filler just a guy working on a house mostly by himself but with a crushed head and 20 minute attention span and in eight hours I get two hours of work done and walked seven miles to boot and I get up and do it again and again and again and I make up for not getting the vacation in the Rehab Unit most people with crushed heads and ruptured disks spend get, spending some time learning to walk but hey I could walk I just drug my right foot but there are advantages to being OCD Squared and step lift step over and over as I pace back and forth, lift the toes so they do not drag I wore the tops off my right tennis shoes but I think I can I think I can and each day I get a little more actual work done and the pain becomes tolerable never gone always there sometimes bad but most of the time just an annoyance like background noise and I put surgeries off to get the house done cause we couldn't get Insurance on it until we lived in it and we couldn't live in it until I finished and it takes me longer but I can still do it just so long as I remember to write the days task on the white board. When I realize I am lost in the Zero Room moving on autopilot cause to Move is to Live I know to look at the message of the day and time goes by I get a close out and wow I can move in twenty six hundred some days after starting I can move in then suddenly it occurs to me what will I do ten years from now I can do most anything I could before wacking my head and can even speak for the better part of the day but forget things as soon as I look away from them?

It's not that bad anymore but a year ago if you stopped and I went to get something from another room I'd forget what I was looking for then forget you were here and 30 minutes later you'd probably find me out in the back yard working on something and so the one chance I had to get News13 out here from Panama City about trying to build a house I get caught off guard by the phone all and can't get a word out of my mouth and well perhaps we'll try this another time Mr. Mike...

So the letter from the cousin of that Raven made me think again of Discovery and hey this would be big news for a tiny town in Florida so I set out yesterday armed with CD's of my lowly first ever video attempt in hopes that if I lost the ability to talk at least I had proof that I was actually capable of speaking and I think to include a hundred so photos of the house in different stages and contact info to reach me and I sit and think of people I know that would be knowledgeable about how to promote a story or maybe sell a book or anything and so I start with Art Dees from the local AM Station here and I take notes as he makes time and gives me some tips and yes its not major news not something the media would get excited about but sometimes you can tie things in if a tornado hits maybe they need a quick story on things to do to reinforce your house and gee I have almost 10,000 photos or maybe they're covering Insurance and things you can do to maximize your discount by doing a few simple things before you have them inspect your house. The guy that inspected my house I can't remember when but recently said most houses don't get the max because the gables need reinforced and trust me, I'd rather get up in an attic in January in Florida and add a few 2x4's they want spaced every 4 feet and none of the houses have it cause it wasn't in the building code way back when. The second inspections costs $150 and had I known the four by four thing I would have gone up there with a half dozen 2x4's and the nail gun and finished it in a couple hours.

Trying doing this mid July....

But anyways I walked away with the knowledge that you sometimes need to look for opportunities to tie a story to a current situation a good tip.

I visited a few of the business owners I Know in town and dropped off cards and a cd and suggested that if we could get the Discovery Channel to visit DeFuniak for 8 weeks or so might have the trickle down effect then I journey to Fort Walton and all by myself I located the office of the Northwest Florida Daily News on Racetrack and I walk in and please could I speak to Del Stone? and no I don't have an appointment and he might know me but I'm not sure ad I tell them I hit my head and forget and give them a CD and a few cards and they call to the back and Unknown to me it is Deadline Time people are rushing about yet he remembered me I might have been pestering him with emails for sometime now another OCD thing sorry but he is super friendly and pauses and listens and now he sees I really can speak without stuttering or slurring thanks again to the trip to the ER and I realize it's deadline time that explains why I was getting all the looks from everyone and again what a super nice guy and he keeps the info I have brought him and then I call
and hey Kevin it's mike I have a cd for you can I stop by and yes he says I have my camera I've seen the control room before thanks I just love gadgets but again bad time yet he comes to the lobby and I tell him I will reshoot the vid in a few spots so he gets me a shirt finally I try not to ask for things and low and behold I realize they suddenly are doing Streaming Audio and I say hey stand there for a picture someone grabs my camera and gets us both Kevin is bigger in real life than he sounds on the airwaves I feel short and I get home and see the traffic and the offers to help editing and suggestions I definitely need to keep it around five minutes and so I'm gonna try this one more time.

I don't see that I have anything to lose.

Besides, How Hard could it be?

Me and Kevin McKay

The Rockline (850) 243-3699.
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Date:January 5th, 2008 09:13 am (UTC)

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Mike ,

I'm happy 4 you~
I hope it all works out for you!

It's about time !!

Take care

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Date:January 7th, 2008 06:57 pm (UTC)


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Heya Deb.

Things always work out if you let them but not necesarrily the way you excpect...
Date:January 7th, 2008 09:40 pm (UTC)


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