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Dec. 31st, 2007 @ 03:26 pm Holiday Update
I just had about the best Christmas I can recall since I was under five foot tall.

I dunno if it is my lucky winning streak over at Instructable's or finally being put on meds for the panic attacks but I can actually get 5 or 6 good hours of work done now in an nine hour period as compared to two or three hours in the same span and I can sit and hold a conversation for the better part of the day without needing to take a nap for a break. I suspect its mostly the meds since its been such a long time since the wreck and the fact that I can now put my thoughts down in a much more coherent manner that my Instructables are being featured almost as soon as I submit them and now the latest just got bumped up to most popular...

I'm not gonna look a Gifted Horse in the Mouth to see it's Level of Education but a certain horse told me that in 2008 things will be a special year and I believe it's because 2008 is a Perfect One sitting on Three Nothings 2 + 0 + 0 + 8 = 10 and 1 + 0 = 1 so The One is Indeed held in places by the Three that aren't Seen...

Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain but I'm batting Six of Seven as far as being featured by the Editors over there so thanks Much!


A while back I went to My Safe Florida Home, to get a free wind check which is going to hopefully reduce my homeowners insurance since I maxed out in most every category. He said it would take about 6 weeks to get the full report which will include recommendations to strengthen the house. By my good fortune I was the last visit of the day for him and the normal 20 minute inspection turned into 2 hours as I gave him the full 25 cent tour top to bottom.

Hw was especially fascinated with the The Top Secret Tornado Bunker in the Crawlspace Project

He actually listened to my idea for 30 minutes about trying to convince Discovery Channel into doing a show on building a second tornado proof but stylish house under this one and showed him how I spaced all the supports so I could get under there with Bobcat so I'm preparing a How I Did It video for Utube about the project but that's tomorrow's Story...

The end result is the house qualifies hands down for the discount on my Insurance and then some. He had a couple suggestions and mentioned the most common thing people need to do is add a few 2x4's to the base of the cable and since this would only cost $5o to $150 dollars for the do it yourselfer and since it involved improvements in the attic this is a better time of year to do this than say July so maybe they could talk the papers into doing a story on simple things you can do prior to having your house inspected since the first time is free but the second visit is $150.

I was thinking that they might be interested in having some documentation for the website because I hadn't done the gables exactly as they needed to be to get a check mark in the bonus box. He did say what I did was probably stronger and the wheels in my head started to spin and I suggested her send me details of exactly how the state wants these things done, and if they waved the reinspect fee I'd do al the changes and document it and give them the rights to use it on their webpage. He mentioned the 2x4 8 foot long nailed to the bottom trusses they want tying in the gables every 4 feet but that is the most common thing people miss out on.

It's winter here in Florida and that's the best time to do work on an attic temperature wise so I would think they could use that to get themselves mentioned in the news again and the more people wanting the free inspections the longer the business will exist, they already cut the number of businesses licensed to do this for the State just about in half because the number of Floridians taking advantage of this free service is dwindling.

Insurance is so high here I cannot understand why anyone paying premiums on a home owners policy wouldn't do this since it cuts your rates and it's a free service for the time being...

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