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Dec. 6th, 2007 @ 05:10 pm Still Victorious!
I managed to get my tiny network renetworking and got the laptop back online so the wife isn't complaining about the sound of machine gun fire that was previously emanating from the keyboard of the tower I had drug into the master bedroom and set up so I could be hard at work trying to repair this mess but still be within her sight and keep her calm and when she's calm I have a better chance of approaching calm but suddenly it became a "bad" idea we should have had a lengthy discussion before I brought it in here...

I thought we did.

The memory thing and forgetting and yes I get excited and type faster than I can think sometimes.

I dunno why.

Before the wreck you'd be lucky to get a word from me unless you made the mistake of looking at something I had built and then there is this tangential thing where really I know I don't stay ontrack for very long and yeah in real life it's worse it has to really be shiny for me to pay attention for any length of time and small talk isn't my specialty there's a pun in there to be sure in an ironic about way and back to the actual post about getting back to the laptop being back online.

I got hacked big time a time back days or weeks ago I know not but I do know it was of less time than takes a lunar trip from full faze around and back it was the best fun I've had thinking in a long time and suddenly I am digging through boxes and boxes of computer parts in the attic and old pc's given to me by customers to salvage parts from now antiques half could easily be 386's, a few 5 1/4 disks and even big time I have a Mac yes its true but it doesn't run Leopard it must be a decade old but complete with printer and all I'll clean it up and get a photo if I remember to but back to getting myself compromised for those reading over the last three years or before this falls right in line with my conspiracy theory Let's just call this Coincidence I somehow have a free Static Ip although Roadrunner insists this cannot be I have DHCP so ever few days my IP address should rotate release and renew and it certainly is not possible for it to remain the same for over a year but I look at stats from page hits especially after noticing visits from the Department of Homeland Security which makes complete sense since half my traffic is from Military bases or Hospitals especially that Walter Reed place head injuries are a common result of being injured by IRD's or things that go bang in general,

There must be wards packed with just such patients and even more packed with civilian patients but you'll never see 60 minutes cover that one and here I am off track and in run on mode so back to the task of getting the point across.

It's pretty common for me to look at stats I can only see the last 100 visitors but yes somehow since I had my own IP address labeled so I knew not to count it when deciding whether a post was interesting to people or not, and inspite of this DHCP thing that the Level Three Tech first insisting would not let me keep an IP for more than a week I knew it had been static ever since I got it.

He remotely tried the release renew and wow same IP so the convo turned to how can I get it reassigned so I can stay online long enough to actually repair some of the fun things that had been going on like having my routers disabled and getting pinged from hundreds of random IP's within ten minutes of being online to the point that nothing would load and certain domains Housecall or Semantic would cause the browser to crash and I know little about networks so I say well if you swap my modem for another which would have a different Mac address wouldn't that force the change in IP and no Mr. Mike we have no control over whatever is keeping your dynamic address static no there is no one higher than a Level Three to talk to you need software put on your computer and no it is not our job to investigate where all the pings are coming from or why I was getting port scans day after day from the same IP someone is really bored in New Jersey and I try to explain that if the modem is being so bombarded that it won't pass data back and forth what possible good would software do on my side of a modem that was being DOSSed offline.

In his defense cause tech work on the phone is a headache especially with customers who think they know more about how things work than they actually do, what he was trying to say is I had a Trojan on the computer causing these things happening to me, something that popped online without my knowledge and was shouting here I am come and get me but in this particular case that's catch 22 for me cause to get the software to hunt down and destroy the Trojan, I needed access and without changing my ip address I couldn't hardly do this but deaf ears and please call us again if we can ever help you with anything.

When I get a thought in my head if its interesting enough it will just stay on top of the other random thoughts and well sure I call again he invited me to do so after all, and start a brand new ticket level one you begin with and hey I seem to have a static ip and someone is messing with me do you think if I took the modem by hand to the office here in town could they just swap it for another cause it would give me a new Mac address and I think that would force a new IP address wouldn't it?

Oh sure yeah a new Mac would force a new IP and yes Mr. Mike just take the modem there and I'll send a message to them to swap it out is there anything else you need help with?

She helped me more at her lowly level one position in under five minutes that the gauntlet of other techs I had to wade though and hours on the phone had done in the previous three days.

I came home plugged it in waited ten minutes for it to get acquired and gee I can browse now I get an old honeypot online since the laptop still is compromised download some port watching stuff known as a firewall install it on the laptop reboot but still I leave it off line and instantly zone alarm alerts me such and such and such is trying to access the internet something set to do it automatically each time the computer reboots and I Google the name using the honeypot and it's a standard window file unless it is installed in the system32 directory in which case its a Trojan being installed by a Loader in the System Registry and as I read help files parts of my past return this is a puzzle the kind I used to be good at I kill the Trojan and the loader try it three times from a cold boot just for redundancy and I attempt to go online and wow whoever was messing with me really got into things and where is the Bridge?

Has anyone seen that confounded bridge?

I try and start a complete new network I can call out I can talk to the router I renew and release the modem from this keyboard and packets are sent out none return I goggle more on the trusted honeypot and by now I am frustrated and having so much fun how dare a machine refuse to let me fix it fixing things is one of the things I do bestest and now I am worried about my documentation about building the house the photos I need to jog my memory and let me remember. I bring box after box of old and some brand-new in the shrink-wrap still, computer stuff from the attic, It's an OCD thing I have the hardest time throwing things away especially if I might need them in a year or ten and some boxes hold treasures harddrives salvaged from dead machines already partitioned and formatted half of them and labeled as such and I rig some into the honey pot and begin transferring data to drives and labeling them in permanent marker and 100 gigs of construction photos the memories of my past are safe and I back up my mail and now the contents of the laptop is safely tucked away for posterity I can be more bold now take bigger risks as I spend day after day trying to solve the puzzle I feel alive and I am driven I could do this before I still remember I will do it again but seriously...

Whoever I pissed off or became special friend's with has been all over this machine all the tcp/ip settings look correct I can access the router I can go from the router to the modem and get nothing back yet the honey pot works fine with the same connections and same xp and now time has gone by the wife cannot tolerate the machine gun fire of my typing on a regular keyboard it's giving her headaches I need to give in a reinstall use a hammer to fix a problem I should have been able to do mentally previously I go though the task of making the Nineteen restore CD's as instructed by HP it certainly would cost them a considerable 50 cents to include this as they used to when you bought a computer and a few hours later I have made the CD's that should have come with it thank god the computer actually still let me make them I guess if your computer won't even boot you're only hope would be to have had the foresight to do this ahead of time but computers running windows break so seldomly (snark) who would foresee the need to spend that much time on something you shouldn't ever need I really enjoy sarcasm...

The Magic disks run through insert one now two now disk three and in 90 minutes the computer is like it was fresh out of the box HP could have fit this all on an extended DVD and eliminated the need to actively sit there inserting disk after disk like way back when floppies were all the rage but again there is that matter of it costing a good fifty cents to include something in case your harddrive fails or something breaks but windows with it's reputation for never crashing who could possibly foresee this as a basic accessory that should be included with every computer sale.

I install a firewall and then I begin by activating the wireless network I have now totally configured thanks to being online long enough with the honeypot to read the help files and boom in under two minutes I have WEP enabled and generated some keys and I am downloading all is well and I can now sit beside the wife as she watches TV or reads the paper and work on my book.

It hurt to admit defeat and use the hammer approach but it is still a victory to get this all working once more.

As far as my IP address not renewing itself for so long Roadrunner says its just a fluke but I always thought it was just a favor someone higher up the foodchain at the cable company did Although I was getting those hits from the Department of Homeland Security and the Sheriffs Department here...

A year ago I would be thinking they were trying to figure out what the heck I was doing digging a 15 foot deep shaft under the house and gee if they raided me for building The Top Secret Tornadoe Bunker surely then the Daily News or perhaps the local ABC NBC CBS affiliates might find this interesting enough to cover it and then I could tell the story of waking up with half a brain and getting out of bed and telling people everything will be ok I can finish building this house and free publicity would go a long way to negotiating a book about the experience or / and a long way to getting Discovery Channels attention about the bunker project but a year ago I also would have sworn that Rosie O"Donnell was sending me answers to my lengthy emails in Cryptic Posts in her blog.
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