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Not Dead Yet.
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Nov. 18th, 2007 @ 10:02 pm Burn Down the Mission
Watch the black smoke fly to heaven,
See the red flame light the sky...

When Searching for Answers There's Nothing like an Attack to the Constitutional Rights
betweens the eyes I means there's Nothing to Right your Constitution more better than a good search
of the Soul or perhaps soles of another ones Shoes might perhaps be the Annul Gee I dunno big stretch as far as what really plane sight is but let's not get restarted on the Plane Thing again I'll never get an answer or Maybe I will but there is that Uncle thing and said and does the Raven.

Actually there's nothing like a good slap ya silly reality check to get you back on the right track.

I've been cleaning out the house of half the junk we had boxed for a decade as we moved from here to there and back here again some of it I have no clue why we would have felt important to keep except generally I have a lot of trouble throwing things away even before I wacked my head the compulsive side of me says I might use that one day but I have noticed as I seem to readjust to actual meds meant for such things I have been having the best time cleaning out and deciding what to keep and what to toss so when the stepkid and his wife visit there is room upstairs for them and I noticed I had an exceeding large number of books boxed 70 pounds or so each I was so much younger once and of these some I save for the value of just being a good book but most are outdated text books a library would not accept and I was thinking how it wouldn't be fair to put them out in the trash and have someone strain to lift them then spend the fuel to get them to the dump so they can be buried for our future generation to worry about since paper really doesn't rot very quickly without a good deal of moisture which is of course in general kept out of said piles of trash cause thing can leech and a carbon atom is just that whether is decomposes over a century or in a shorter time frame with a more exothermic situation I came upon the thought of heating the house with them by first building a good wood fire as the sun goes down then placing half a dozen or so at a time on top after it has gotten good an hot.

They seem to last about 14 hours.

Freud Would be Hot

Freud would see the Irony...
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