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Not Dead Yet.
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Oct. 3rd, 2007 @ 06:57 pm A Vision Softly Creeping Left its Seed while I was Sleeping
Or perhaps it was a rerun of The Truman Show?

When you hit your head hard everything changes everything is an effort even holding onto a thought.

When I Woke Up the one thing I could remember is that everything moves.

I used to ponder this as a child galaxies spinning around and yet we feel at rest and the cells and smaller things moving moving moving from one scale to the extreme and push all the thoughts from my head I had to move and I got up and started walking and I walked and I walked and walked and as I walked I thought about the future in my fuzzy everything will be ok it's as simple as a combination shot in pool just keep the ball rolling manner.

I used to have nightmares reoccurring as a child.

Giant tires chase me as I run around the globe seven league boots but always must try just a bit harder cause it's right there to reach out and what I don't know but I ran and if I got tired I could jump aside and take two breaths but it would go all the way around and pick up speed like a slingshot maneuver to get around the moon and it's going twice as fast.

You can't run forever but you can run further than you think.

I had an idea to survive shaking my fist at the big national chain that I pulled away from with my teeter totter for a trailer when I had the wreck and geez it gave me a focus for a time but so dark and then I find my attorney isn't taking me seriously that somehow spending the last three years building a house should count as income if I am going to argue for lost wages especially since the other side is a building material do it yourself we have all you need let us help you build it kind of chain.

I looked up and saw a tree and another and realized it was a forest and there are better ways. Fire the attorney try and convince them, the big national chain with a large advertising budget surly they would see the story such a good customer I was invited by phone to the grand opening and who tries to build a house by themselves anymore and what a chance at some product placement and some leverage maybe for In a Fix on Discovery since the other national chain in the home remodeling business seemed to have all the choice ad slots wrapped up and gee perhaps if I drop the lawsuit they will talk to me?


Ok for the record I really did hit my head hard.

Plan B was well that's done move on contact Discovery directly with my tales of Near Death and Flipping House's to get the materials for the Hurricane Shelter with curb appeal and I fax it to 14 vice presidents of Discovery and a time later got an email, just a form letter, telling me how to register as a producer and sure I can pull that one off as long as I don't have to actually speak to anyone but it was exciting to get a response and then wow seven months later they have this "I Should not be Alive" show and well gee not even a thank you but hey I am still moving and walking and walking and then Rosie tells a joke that most didn't understand but was obvious to me and left a comment haha and she returned the favor and gee she went back and read and fun times I've had she said and yes I agreed and by the way I will finish this house and send you a photo when I am done.

I then noticed her domain was 90 days from expiring cause I am curious about such things.

Rosie dot com up for grabs.

I sent her a polite email, hey you should get someone to fix this.

Time went by nothing I write again hey seriously letting your domain expire = bad.

Now in my everything is gonna be just fine as soon as I get the hang of walking up right and talking and everything World this was of great concern to me. She probobly has a staff to read her emails I figured and no one will take this seriously and then one day she is writing a check to someone to buy her domain back cause of a lost memo and she probably doesn't even read my words but then I read a cryptic post and ?????????

I read it again.

It's almost as if she was answering that note I sent her the other day but horoscopes always seems to fit to when you read them...

In for a penny worth of thought well I'm not really doing anything except relearning everything so well heck I wrote again.

And again and again and again with the cryptic posts and wow this is so odd it must be a coincidence and then the odd things like running into the film crew doing back ground shots and walking into stores with empty parking lots and walking out with them jammed packed everyone in their Sunday best just standing there like some odd flash mob and the day I went into Fishers the pharmacy with the antiques on the walls and odds and ends that have sat untouched for a decade but it looks nice as you stand to fill your prescription and I turn around wall to wall people so interested in everything the store has to offer and I saw someone I recognized Billy the property appraiser and I walk over and stand next to him like some dead drop in a spy movie.

"Some fun huh Billy?

He snickered and tried to keep a straight face while staring straight ahead.

I left as calmly as I could not that there was any reason not to be calm.

Things just happen everything will be OK.

The riddles though are taking up my time and I need to finish the house.

Make up your mind I ask her this Rosie person I think is sending me cryptic messages.

Decide or I walk away and gee a week later the mysterious plane lands and the limo scoots everyone away as I stand there wondering why someone would land such a big plane at our tiny airport and well I'll call the TV and ask and sure the plane in DeFuniak it's a bunch of celebrities and were gonna respect their privacy or its a secret government spy plane registered to a dummy corporation or its some high profile developer traveling incognito.

Valid reasons all of them for shutting down an airport and calling in the fire department for it to land and take off.

No one would ever suspect a thing.

Great Plan.

And then this Rosie person uploads pictures of her little pirates as if they went to Billy Bowlegs here in Destin...

But well heck now I am hooked and I write and write about what it is like to wake up changed and to forget and to remember and to rethink old ideas and she never answers in real words just the occasional line or two tucked into a post never anything concrete just Crash! Go see this movie! or Connected or or or old posts from long ago.

And this is so odd I write its like The Truman Show filmed here at the beach half the town was in it but its just that itchy feeling at the back of my neck no one watches but hey what a Hallmark movie what if they did and what if she did and what if I tried and tried and tried to convince someone this was real and it's a fine line between being a bit touched or off kilter and totally gone and walk the line point out the helicopters flying through the back yard but shrug it off and I'm sure Al Roker had a perfectly good reason to wear a pink suit and Katie Couric could almost keep a straight face as she gave the two sweet old great Danes the bouquet of carnations and come on Tom Cruise building a bunker?

Well I would if I had the money and it's just a coincidence just like all the others but anyways the cryptics still get posted but not as neatly labeled and well back to that Hallmark movie and what the deaf man heard and what the Lunatic Thought.

Just a Penny worth of thoughts but I'm gonna hold out for twenty dollars cash!
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Date:October 4th, 2007 01:51 am (UTC)

Billy da Fixer

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U sure have an Active Imagination!!

Rock On Dude!!

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Date:October 4th, 2007 02:04 am (UTC)

I Swear it Could be True!

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LOL Honest!

I really do think she was on that plane but no one is talking...