Crash Tester (senseless) wrote,
Crash Tester

Homeland Security

So I get a couple hits from Homeland and I figure its just someone browsing on thier lunch break no big deal and I just go about my business with my landscaping project of filling in all the low spots in the yard cause it is after all spring.

Just cause I'm getting the fill dirt from under the house shouldn't be a concern I would think. I made the crawl space under their four foot high so I could get to all my plumbing without crawling around and I was thinking of how expensive a truckload of fill is right now, about $230 for a 20 yard truck, and gee if I shoveled out a path two feet deep the length of the crawl space I could walk the length of the house without having to lean over.

Molehills can turn into Mountains in OCD Land.


But still no big deal except well If I'm gonna dig some sand I need to really be sure I reinforce everthing so I may have gotten some concrete but this is all perfectly normal for me after all I'm kind of fond of building walls and stuff from concrete and I've got a pile of rebar I just didn't know what to do with so I may as well use it.

Climbing Out

And once again the OCD kicks in a bit and heck now I have the nifty hole maybe I should think about making it a little bigger and maybe putting a concrete top on it cause hey Hurricanes I can sleep through in most cased but Tornadoes can really rip things up and ten foot in the ground might make for a good hiding place.

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And then one morning the doorbell rings...

Good morning sir we're the Cable Company and we dedected a problem with your cable from our office and need to sniff around with our Star Trek gear and we're gonna need to get inside your house and oh yeah your splitter is in the crawlspace right?

Cable Guys

Total coincidence I am sure!

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