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Not Dead Yet.
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Mar. 21st, 2007 @ 10:55 am My Scars Remind Me
The past is real.

Pictures tell me so.

I seem to have broken my camera I can't get it to power up so no mo pictures for a while but things are just moving along I broke down and saw a doctor yesterday and he wrote and wrote and wrote and wrote and then was like woah.

Let's start with some basics and maybe you can have the surgery on your head locally cause you're safe now and no that shouldn't hurt or that or that and maybe theres some therapy we can get you in for your memory allthough a lot of time has passed and sure I'll get all your records from all your doctors and you made Lemonade from Lemons because you chose to move.

This is a new doc for me and I suspect he's used to my personality type and never once did he say if that hurts don't do it.

The better part of the house is put in place although the wife would disagree and I've been fixing a few things at the one we just moved from so we can get it rented. It's scary what you can find when you start tearing out someone else's do it yourself stuff. I was finishing up where I left off with the well wiring over there when I pulled the pump up and redoing the plumbing from it to the house and dug up a 220 line bringing power to the well that was just buried along with the pipes and I found a splice that was just wire nutted together and buried, convienlty right under a water spicket where the ground would stay nice a wet and I suppose that made perfect sense to someone but geez.

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