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Mar. 10th, 2007 @ 07:56 am Digging Holes
I was messing around in the yard and thinking about bunkers and shifting sands and my three inch trashpump and portland cement and grout under preasure and if I dug a bunch of ten foot holes around the perimeter to stiffen things up a bit and then it hit me I needed a bit and I crawled into the crawlspace and retrieved a length of 4 inch steel pipe I once tried to dig a well with and a piece of soapstone and the chop saw and then after a bit I had a bit.

It works well better than the well gadget.

I tapered the end to about 3 inches and welded it and then heated it up and used a pry bar to make an even gap along the slot.

You thump it into the sand like a posthole digger and give it a clockwise twist everyonce in a while. The sand gets forced in the slot and compacts the sand forced up from the thumping enough to lift it from the hole.
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Chop Saw

Curved in Threespace



A Bit

8 Foot Post hole Digger

A couple taps on something hard and the sand falls out.

It Works
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