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Feb. 28th, 2007 @ 08:43 am Trials and Tribulations
The short days of winter turn me into frozen molasses.

When I first moved to florida it wasn't so bad compared to the snowy winters I grew up with but my clock caught up and I can feel how short the days are in January and I hybernate.

My dad was here for a week and we got the outside of the house cleaned up just in time for the Mighty Inusrance Company to cancel me, then reinstate me the next day, during a 90 day moritorium that prevents them from canceling or not renewing policies. I mentioned this and said I'd just send it to the Daily News and why doesn't a Certificate of Occupancy count as me being finished and sure enough a few hours later I had insurance again.

While I was in the cleaning mode I got a load of fill delivered to the house we just moved from and rented a tractor last weekend to spread it around in the driveway. My loyal truck with 300,000+ on it blew a transmission line just as I pulled in and I had to unload the tractor and push the truck off the road but these things happen and proceeded to spread around the dirt and got a ride home and the neighbor across the street took me back and we moved the tractor here.


I proceeded to use it cleaing up the mess I made on the lot next door where I mixed mortor and we washed out the concrete trucks. I asked before I commondeered the lot and said I'd dress it up when I was done. I have pretty good neighbors.

But anyways I was moving the pile of washed sand I have for mortor to the back and well heck if I didn't blow out a hyrdrolic line on the tractor whcih put a damper on things since it was now Sunday and I know the rental guy lives near here but I can't of course remember where so I park it and get some oil and monday moring after adding 2 gallons it won't even lift the bucket and so I call and I get the you just stay right where yur at and I say well it's not like I was gonna move it anywhere and they send a guy out and fortunately I have tools since they must have forgotten them and with a lot of swearing and some time the line is removed and they got a new one, swore some more and got it on and added the rest of the bucket of oil and once again the tractor tractors.

They said I could use it since I wasn't done which was pretty nice of them so I finished clearing up the lot next door and dug up a big tank I stupidly buried hopefully after my accident because then I have an excuse and I load up the tractor and start back to Freeport with it but it felt funny so I pull over and rearrange the sacks of cement I used for ballast and things roll smoothly as they should and nice and slow and safe and let the people pass when I can and then coming down a hill still nice and safe a loaded dumptruck comes the other way going a bit faster than the 55 speed limit and even faster still than the 45 I am doing and the tractor is a giant sail reaching out to grab that breeze and I am thinking to myself this is why I left the dog home and borrowed time and interest and the hill levels out as I fishtail and turns to an incline as I fishtail and I ride the wave to 35 and just like that I'm on the road again and in control.

That was the only real hill on the ride this being Florida so I cruised along at 45 letting people pass and got the thing returned intact and came home and took a three hour nap.

One of these days I am going to have to break down and get another truck but I'm pretty attached to this one.

I Have to take it Back
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