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Feb. 14th, 2007 @ 09:39 am The Dungeon
The next time I get an urge to build a house I won't have to go far.

I have a large crawl space next to the bottom garage about 80 feet long and 20 feet wide and to the best of my caculations I can go down 20 feet before I hit groundwater. Long ago when I was just starting I made the footers 50% wider than I needed just because that's how I do things and it got me thinking that I could dig down about three feet at a time and then step footers inside of each other as I went and then when I was down 9 feet I can form walls and pour concrete to square up the inside.

I'd end up with an upside down pyramid witht the top of the walls much thicker than the bottom.

I aligned the columns in there that hold up a beam so I can knock a ten foot wide door in the back wall of the bottom garage and get under the house with a little bobcat. Everytime I think about this I remember the lil steam shovel that dug and dug and got the job done but forgot to leave a way out, so I'll need an emergency escape tunnel under the driveway leading to the Rose Garden.

How hard can it be?

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The Dungeon
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