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Jan. 28th, 2007 @ 06:31 pm Now I Know Why
Rose Gardens aren't high up there on the universal list of promises.

I got everything planted in time for a hard freeze tonight meaning its supposed to go down to 25 I believe and made a pretty good dent in spreading out three tons of red gravel I got from up the street and down the road a ways.

I surrounded everything with that plastic landscape edging that lasts until the first time you try weedwacking around it, and used that as a form and spread out six sacks of concrete mix around the inside. I had covered everything with landscape cloth after I dug up the top layer with all the roots from the grass and weeds and the concrete is holding all the edges down. When it dried over night I pulled the edging up about an inch and a half all around and shoveled sand along the outside edge and the redgravel around the inside and soaked it with a hose so the sand packed underneath the edging. After that was done I started shoveling gravel between all the roses so I had a a layer about five inches deep and put a shovel of sand on each rose bush then soaked it again with the hose.

I ran out of day light but I should be able to finish it in an hour or so tomorrow and there's only about 5 wheel barrows of gravel on the truck now so I can use it again. I should end up forty two small mounds with gravel in between so it should drain off well, be easy to keep weedless, and will frustrate the cat to no end.

Properly Drained

Cemented the Edges

6000 Pounds of Redrock
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