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Jan. 14th, 2007 @ 08:04 am From Big to Littler
I turned all the plywood into shelving yesterday and got a coat of primer on it. I cut them into 16 inch strips with a radial saw then trimmed them down to 15 inches on the table saw so I got nice edges. I'll get a coat of oil based enamel on them this morning and tonight or tommorrow they should be dry enough to attach part A to part B.

I'm going to break the closet into 4 sections 6 feet long with vertical pieces and run a double width across the top and then I'll put rods and shelves between each section. I got stainless steel rods that are pretty stout because the wife wanted it to be able to hold a lot of of weight, and the hardware for each end. Each end of the closet will get shelves for shoes and stuff and I have a hand rail to put in there to so she has something to hold onto.

Closet Shelves

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