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Jan. 7th, 2007 @ 09:24 am So Much to Do
I've got someone to help move some more stuff this afternoon for a few hours so hopefully I can clear a path through the front room. It's so odd to wake up and wander around the house before I'm really awake.

Everything has memories.

When I wired the house, five years ago, haha, we had no high speed but I ran about 3000 feet of cat5 to every room from the closet in the computer room along with conduit so I could make changes in the future without ripping out walls. I had a lot of comments along the line of it will be ten years and gee a network on dial up...

When they put the cable in here long long ago so it could be buried cause I was "going to put in the driveway soon", I had them put in two drops because I had run conduit from the house to the street and they may as well pull two instead of one since I saved them the trouble of digging and then chance favoring minds being prepared a year later high speed is here.

I ran airlines to every floor as well which came in handy while I was working. I like the quiet so with the compressors in the dungeon I saved a lot in aspirin.

At one point all this stuff was neatly labeled...


But I don't think I'd have any luck convincing the wife it was a priority so I got the wireless working.

Network Closet
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