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Jan. 3rd, 2007 @ 02:00 pm Murphy is My Shadow
I have enough odds and ends as far as electrical and plumbing left over to build another smaller house but no matter what I start to do I end up needing to make another trip to down to Ace in town. I know somewhere in here or in one of the garages or in the crawl space reserved for the future undocumented Stalog 17 style but properly furnished hurricane bunker I have a big pile of phone jacks in plates to put in but I've only managed to scrounge up three.

When I wired the house I was very careful to keep all the computer and phone lines at least 2 feet from any power lines to cut back on any humming and I have most of them running through the attic which makes it easy to get to. They all branch off from 2 points, one at each end of the house since I don't like to run phones in series and I soldered everything so I better just finish it before I connect it to the phone box outside since I don't really have a way to disable an outlet to a room.

I also just realized I forgot to go back to uhaul and square up with them on the rental bill like I was supposed to yesterday so I guess I better go get in the truck.

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