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Dec. 24th, 2006 @ 05:28 am Christmas Eve
And with all the excitement I have forgotten to get my wife something.

I walked in yesterday and she shooed me out cause she was wrapping presents so I'm guessing I won't be getting that backhoe I've wanted...

I really need to find something for her and I'm at a loss for ideas.

I'm leaning towards a garage door opener...

Christmas Lights
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Date:December 25th, 2006 12:35 am (UTC)

Small planet

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Funny, I was just here yesterday looking at the pics of your house and today you comment on my blog. Strange planet.

Here's the trick I use while Christmas shopping for my wife: all five senses. Pick something that smells good, something that sounds good, something to eat, something pretty, something soft (or texturally fun). One of them is bound to be a winner, and usually two or three will be.

I think you still have a couple of hours to shop.