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Nov. 22nd, 2006 @ 07:59 am I Made a Humongous Error
I didn't notice until I was getting ready to put the last threshold in the upstairs bathroom but I screwed up way back when I was pouring the cement to put the tile down.

When the floor on one side of a door is different than the floor on the other I've been careful to split the difference under the door, but when I did up there I went about two inches too far. As soon as I started to put the door on I realized I was going to have tile showing where I should have Oak and geez what a mess.


This could have been really bad but I stared at it for a while then proceeded to tear up the floor in typical wreckless abandon.

I have found it very helpful to keep a cool head just for these situations...

Keep a Cool Head

It was just dumb luck that I used the small tiles left over from the master bath up there so I tore out two rows and planed some boards down. The sand mix I used for the tile is soft enough that a nail will go through it so I liquid nailed and nailed a strip about a half inch thick in place of the tiles with a lip that went a half inch onto the wood floor, and then used the regular wood glue to add the threshold to that.

Net time lost was only about an hour.


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