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Oct. 29th, 2006 @ 01:54 pm Some Doors
I got these doors from Ace in town for almost nothing because they had been sitting in the back for a few years. They had two of them and I'll use the other set for the big linen closet.

Yesterday I went around and changed out all of the temporary water valves for the sinks and stuff. Most of the lines we're capped but the ones with cutoffs were pretty covered in paint and plaster and I needed to swap the steel nipples for brass ones because the Ph of my well water is so low. The galvanized nipples had been there for three years I guess and were filled with rust. I used schedule 40 for all the lines up to the point they reach a sink or tub because I didn't want to need a ph booster on the water, plus it let me use large diameters without bankrupting me.

The main line is inch and a quarter and it steps down to one inch to each sink and all the hotwater line is 3/4 inch and is insulated twice. All the drain lines are insulated to for noise.

Eight Foot Doors
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