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Sep. 30th, 2006 @ 08:42 am Made in the USA
I got the countertops ordered and it's close to being able to say One More Month and meaning it.

Unless the wife changes her mind in the next few days it will be a black with tan specks in it. They should be out sometime next week to measure a template and double check everything. I got a deep undermount double bowl sink in Ivory and a bullnose all around so no sharp corners.

In a week or so I'll have the rest of the tile down and be ready to sand and polyeurethane the Oak Floors. After I pour the cement for the guest suite bathroom I'll put the permanent stair treads in. I was going to make them myself but the ones I got from Lowe's are an inch thick. I'll use the treads I made on the stairs to the dungeon but I can do that after the house is done.

100% Oak Stairtreads
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