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Jul. 29th, 2006 @ 08:38 am This Journey Starts with the Second Step...
I convinced myself I had drawn enough lines on the walls and stared hard at it for a bit and decided it would be best to start with the second row of tile instead of the first.

Since the shower floor slopes and is lower than the rest of the bathroom I wanted to be sure I ended up with a full peice on the bottom row by the tub. I tacked a board onto the wall where the first row would normally top out and laid a row on it. It seems to work better putting the thinset on the back of the tile than it does on the wall so I've just been troweling a thin layer on the backer bourd. I sets alot fast than I thought it would and so they don't slide down the wall like I thought they might.

I devised a gadget to hold the bucket while I mix the thinset from some scraps of wood.

It works surprisingly well and was worth the ten minutes it took to make.

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Dual Showers

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It's a Bucket Holder Gadget!
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