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Jul. 25th, 2006 @ 08:07 am Odds and Ends
My hands needed a break from nailing so I've been bouncing around the house doing a bunch of different things in true ADHD style.

I moved some of my tools upstairs so I can start making trim and stuff and finished tiling the Master Bath's floor, then made some corner pieces for the window moulding started on the column, cleaned up, painted some, made some more trim pieces for the column and and and...

In the middle of all that a relay went on the big AC unit and my AC guy came out on Saturday to fix it and stepped through the ceiling in the master bath about ten minutes after I had put down the rest of the tile.

Whitish tile really has a good contrast to dark grey insulation...

The guy from the CoOP ends up being a pretty good painter so I've been picking him up when he gets off work and letting him paint a few hours every day so that's saving me a lot of time. I'm having him paint all the trim before I put it up to make life easy.

I'm so tempted to say just another Month!

Hahaha One day I'll really mean it!



Corners for Window Moulding


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