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Jul. 20th, 2006 @ 08:47 am I Broke It...
Not my finger though I think it's broke to but the nailsetter started to jam on me when I was down to the last two feet of the big room.

It has two pieces of metal that screw together and basically form a barrel for the nail to travel on. One of the pieces got a bit bent and the pin would sometimes slip past the nail and get it's self wedged in tight enough to have to dissasemble the thing.

I kept hammering the shoe back flat but they made it too thin in my opinion so I modified it a bit.

I really think they could have made the thing three times thicker in the first place and it would last forever but then that would cut down on parts sales...

I welded a bead along the back of the plate which double it's thickness then welded in the depression on the other side and ground it flat by hand.

Not quite up to a CNC machine but it's flat where it needs to be and works just fine!

Bent Shoe

Straight Now

Filled the Void

Some Assembly Required
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