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Jun. 27th, 2006 @ 10:25 pm I Sure miss that Descartes Fellow...
My wife wants the ceiling in the great room and dining room to have mouldings on it, so I needed to get the frame work for it up before I started painting.

I ran around with a tape measure and chaulkline all day and got the grid layed out.

Lots of Golden Triangles.

When I framed the house many years ago I put some extra wood between my trusses so I would have something to anchore the boards to and I tried to center my lights and ductwork in the center of the squares. They are on four feet centers and eventually I'll cover them with trim and put a crown moulding around the room.

I'll finish it up tommorow and then the sheetrock should be dry enough that I can start primering.

Framing for Ceiling Mouldings


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