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Jun. 17th, 2006 @ 09:11 pm I Forgot to Use the Coupon!

I did get to argue with a manager for a bit so it wasn't all bad.

I estimated I needed 2000 feet of base moulding and 12 foot lengths was as long as I could haul home in the truck without any mishaps, but they didn't have enough on stock.

I figured I would start with what they had and got a sales person to assist me. They had 6 packs of 10 and about 80 loose ones and I was told I could just pay the bulk price for the loose ones since I was getting so much. I asked him when they'd have some more and was told they get it in pretty fast, a day or two.

Since I was already getting 10 pails of sheetrock mud and 8 buckets of primer I figured I had enough for the truck and would just come back next week for the rest of the moulding and some more paint.

I'll probobly need 100 gallons total.

I manuvered my three carts to the checkout without knocking anything from the shelves and everything was fine until the girl needed an override and the manager walked over and started off saying I'd just have to pay the regular individual price for the 80 pieces of moulding, which is roughly 50% more in this case.

I said no I don't think so.

Very politely.

He then insisted that entire row of moulding was a vendors, not Lowe's and so on and so on and it was gonna screw up the inventory and no he couldn't possibly order more of it or tell me when the next truck would arrive since it's Saturday. I pointed out that most of their walk in business probobly came during a weekend and wouldn't it make sense to take orders from customers when the cutomers are actually there shopping instead of hoping they'll come back during whatever special time it is they place orders???

That must have been too much because I suddenly got the bulk price on the moulding and he ran off to the other side of the store.

I left quite pleased but I did get so distracted by the conversation that I forgot about my $10 coupon, which of course gives me an excuse to return!


40 Gallons of Primer

I still got home in time to watch the kite!

Still Flying
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