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Jun. 16th, 2006 @ 04:44 pm Everything's Taped!
The Finisher Guys and Girl are really kicking butt...

All the seams and corners are taped and mudded and they say it should take them a few more days to get everything smooth.

I keep catching myself walking in circles just looking at everything.

I've been building this house so long it's a weird feeling to see it almost finished.

15 Feet Tall

In Other News...

For some reason the Walton County Sheriff is trying to take over the Defuniak Springs Police Department.

I dunno why really, but he was having a press conference and I thought it would be interesting to see one so I went into town at lunch. Apparently you need a "Press Pass" or something to see these things so I couldn't get in.


I wanted to get a picture of all the cameras taking pictures of the Sheriff, just for the heck of it but all I got was a picture of this Raving Raven that decided to attack me on the sidewalk.

Attack Bird

It's actually a Bluejay.

It had a chick on the ground that was in the process of learning to fly.
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