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Not Dead Yet.
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Jun. 12th, 2006 @ 05:53 pm I was Trying to Remember My Trigonometry...
To Figure out how tall the dead tree was in the front yard of the house we live in since it's about 60 feet away from the house.

It seemed tall enough to land on the house or powerlines, and with Alberto lurking we are supposed to get some 50 mph winds or so, so it seemed I should cut it down reguardless.

This saved me the trouble of remembering the trig. I resorted to basic addition after it was in a horizontal position and arrived at a sum length of 112 feet.

It made a very nice crashing sound when it hit and I missed the house, road, and power lines.

I did get it stuck in a tree like an elephant sized deadman trap, but I pulled it down the rest of the way with my truck.

I think we've been in a Hurricane Warning since sometime after lunch so I'm pretty well prepared just in case the storm heads a bit more west.

I have a window AC unit for the wife, my generator is full and started fine and both tanks in my truck are full, so if we lose power for a while things will be ok.

I even found my pigtail to plug in the poolhouse if I need more water!


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PS: I also planted some more grass seed and have a Kite on Standby.
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