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Not Dead Yet.
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May. 26th, 2006 @ 08:51 pm I Ran into a Roadblock...
I'm running out of steam.

The bottom level is just about done but not completely. I still have to do the ceiling in the workshop but we finished the ceiling of the garage and other room and the walls of the bathroom down there. I wired a speaker for the intercom in there plus another outside one on the wall of the pool house.

Things are just rolling along except I'm getting really tired.

I have another drywall finisher that is going to meet me at the house tomorrow morning to see about doing it. We know some common people because he lives near my farm so I'll take that as a good thing.

I'm going to run out of odds and ends to finish in another week or two so I hope I can get a finisher to get the walls into primer so I can start putting down the floors. Walking around in the house is so odd now, everything sounds different and it just absorbs noises. You can't hear the water running inside the walls even if you run the the faucets in all the bathrooms and I haven't actually tried it in person but you should be able to flush all the toilets while someone is taking a shower without hearing any screams. The main cold water trunk is 1 1/4 diameter and the hotwater loop is all 3/4. Twice I've forgotten and left the water running in the tub of the master bath and I couldn't hear it in the great room even without inside doors hung yet.

I was driving home and thinking that things are finally coming to a conclusion and then I realized I had a road block

up ahead of me, but they hadn't started it yet, so I turned around and got out and took some pictures.

Be Safe this Memorial Day Weekend and Buckle Up!

Don't end up like me! Haha.

Actually I still don't know if I was thrown but everytime I look at my scars that is the only conclusion I can reach.

Safety Check

DeFuniak Springs Police

DeFuniak Springs Police
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