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Not Dead Yet.
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May. 16th, 2006 @ 10:13 pm I'm Losing my Touch with the Nurses...
Actually the ICU is very busy and the wife is still pretty loopy so they told me to go home.

This is all very De-Ja Vuish I was thinking as I drove there and saw a trailer flipped over on the Interstate about the same place I rolled. It's about five days I think from my two year mark so here we go again except this time the house is almost finished. The last time it was surgery on her back and I was trying to get the house we were living in handicapped so I could get her in and out. Once again we're in a house that is really not very handicap friendly but I think I am close enough I can last another month and get the house livable, then when she is a bit better I'll see about finally letting the doctors fix my head and other bits.

I really hate to drive I was also thinking on the way back. Forty minutes is my max then I have to get out and walk. I've had my truck for eleven years and just had to stick brakes on it a few months ago, so I guess I wasn't very fond of driving even before I rolled!

I Don't Like to Drive
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