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Oct. 22nd, 2002 @ 12:12 pm If Xrew can post dreams so can I!
So, I'm in high school and it must have been a science fair.

I build and design a thermonucleor device, and intend to detonate it underground on an island that I must somehow own, and study the shockwave. The device is planted, but for some reason I've also lowered a blasting cap and small charge of high explosives down the hole, and am in the process of filling it with a mixture of Amonium Nitrate and Kerosene, and I remember that I have all my tools and such on this island, and need to get them off before it turns into an underwater crater.

I attempt to enlist the help of all my friends to move this stuff. I know we're backin boats up to the shore like they were pickup trucks and trying to put stuff in the back and suddenly everyone goes home, and I can't get them back to finish.

Then I realize that there is a ban on nucleor testing, and I'm worried about failing cause I won't get my data, or gettin in trouble with some government agency if I go ahead.

Decisions decisions.

At least I have clothes on in this dream.
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