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Not Dead Yet.
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Aug. 17th, 2005 @ 10:30 am As I Sit on the Edge
Of Thoughts

And Reach out for both Shiny and Dull to Share is what Matters Most so I Share my Chaos Expands Expotentially leaving Order at the Wake.

We sit on a Ball a Globe Sort of Lumpily Round and Look over there Straight from Here nor Theirs but Alls the Line.

From afar the edge is Clear the Finite There is no doubt so why Question?

It's the Nature to Question the Reason for Beings.

The Universe Throbbing and Infinite? Can that Be and the triangles wrapped about the Globe Infinitely not hard to grasp that Spherical thought but Reach Higher and see the Edge Exists yet at ones it does Not take the Edges and Pull together from a Position High on a Mountain you see so Clearly and You turn around and See Yourselves BOTH! Finite and Infinite and Looped Back to front But don't look back look Ahead and Around the Visions From the and Point Forward you will return to what's Past so Is the Big Picture.

Some can Step out and See the Edge but it is Forever to be Trapped Inside Let me Go Please So Many Hands I know the Intent is Kindness but it is Stifling and Times nearing Impossible Shred it all and Start a Knew not this Time.

What do you Want and What do I need?

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