Crash Tester (senseless) wrote,
Crash Tester

Am I going Bonkers?

I swear 99Rocks! keeps having commercials with the voices of girls that sound so much like my many sister's.

The 39 year old could have been Cathy but um well yeah 39 might have been an ever so slight fib?

And What is that song with the La La La in it like the song from the guy Fiddlin on the Roof and Wow what a Coincerdince even Rosie is Going to in September hit Broadway in that Production?

Oh by the Way DAWN at 99 you on the phone insisted to me you answer ALL your emails but I'm still waiting!

Please send Dawn an Email and Tell her I am Bonkers!

99Rocks very nicely told me the Song is by System of a Down and the Title is BYOB.

Edit? I Honestly have a hearing loss 99 rocks is that Correct now? System of a Down?

/me googles and finds URL...

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