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Jul. 28th, 2005 @ 10:29 am And One More Last Thing Please!
Don't get me Started well either way you need to Vote I propose or Suppo's Justa! position on that one and Free Press? Let's not get in that fight about if Sensored and Mirrored.

Make Up You Minds Free and Unbiased is it allright or All's Rights? and In Defense of just cause no one seems to see that a Magazine of Paper and Medias all rightly so form a Business and be glad cause it's Business that Causes To Be!

The only News source that I would Expect to Be UnBiased to a T well to a Be is meant is Public Founded.

The Ones that Count yes Unbiased Let them choose but don't point at ONE source and say it's tipped scale around to the other side show a Different View.

Please by the way I am Here Get Out and Vote.
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