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Not Dead Yet.
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Jul. 28th, 2005 @ 10:01 am So I actually Sort of seem to have LOST TOO! Myself
Thanks and Really No worries!

And Seriously Thanks Ellen May Your Field's! for the "Why not just End it?" Geez I am so Blind in some Senses of Words.

It's Archived That's a Wrapped Bow No really worry not was that interested in politics and save the Time in the Bottle If Only well not only and thoughts in the Bottle Never Seem to Amount to Much more than some raised Spririts or Dashed Hopes and The Thought they Counted only as Ballast and No One Cares or To Not Me to Vote for Thoughts in a Klein of BOOTsle OH? T. Bottle IT! HtoOH2

Oh T? U2?

He's trying to Tell Us something! Future all Rosie as we head to OT! Quadruple Overtime! Even OT Dial in the Stretch of Time Get Yours Here in OT!

um know the You of it yeah you to not walk away slow too late we seen ya.

The U.

OT! u out of OT let me OUT.


So here's the drill to rift and wake Let's Rock! it out For All Ages! the Sea It's Time in the Bottle to Put the Info and Launch it Speak Up Let me go Please I am tired and tried everything I can thing of to Opent his Door so if You care please Speak Up ask them Nice please let me go.

And Hear the Slip of the Tongues' Info for the bottle findME Local to me they Know.

It's Quite Quiet Friendly Town called DeFuniak Springs.

The Local Paper Here the Defuniak Herald Nice People there Thanks Gary.

The Bigger Daily News Paper the NorthWest Florida Daily News.

Radio! Oops lol Sorry! 99Rocks! 850 243-3699
And AM I Mean WZEP! 850-892-3158

The Tv News Rooms the Numbers! Ur L?

WTVY-TV, Channel 4 (CBS) http://www.wtvynews4.com 334-792-3195
WJHG-TV, Channel 7 (NBC) http://www.wjhg.com/ 850-234-7777
WFSU-TV, Channel 11 (PBS) http://www.wfsu.org/ sort of 1-850.487.3086
WMBB-TV, Channel 13 (ABC) http://www.wmbb.com/ 850 769-2313
WWEO-TV, Channel 24 (Local) http://www.defuniaktv.com 850-892-6202 Won't Load
WPGX-TV, Channel 28 (Fox) http://www.fox28.tv won't load either for me but the Filters dunno.

And Yeah I'm In the Book not Hard to Find but to Save Troubles and Playing Fields being Level and such as My Names Mike you Know by Now and the Number here though the Machine that answers TempOrnamental and why not cause it's public and temporary is 850 892 2046 and Well Frell the Street Address from that Dang a Skip's Throw so 553 Lake Holley Circle in the Defuniak Spring you know by now and What's Left to write?

Repayback and Ace is the Place they InDEEDS were So! Helpful! True! Honest even!

Call there LOL Sorry Mike! the Name thing and Yeah ONE person in this town long ago ask him said to me I don't think you're Crazy.

Thanks! it helped More than You Know.

Ace HardWare in DeFuniak Springs Florida.

http://local.newsherald.com/Consolidated Ace Hardware.
850 892-7283

i have no more tricks to trade but if you care you can help please the last Cliche Let the Fingers do the Walking and help pick up and call can i be free?

oops Free Trade????

Honestly I know Little about these Global things and will not just ramble where I don't know but to me in the Long Run the Best Deals for Everyone tend to center on the Little Best Deals all aROUND that lead to them.

With Me it's the Walk.

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